Saturday, December 25, 2010

daSShh day!!

im quite frustated today..we supposed to go out tomorrow but my kazen suddenly got to change his mind in the last residential community has set a program [mendaki bkit nuang] i would to go there but,my family espeacially my dad xbagi..haihh..i had a tough times with him tonite..he changed his status in fb..when i asked him..who is the girl..he refused to tell make me HOT!!
so..mykazen cakap,we gonna outing together on just okay with that..
he said to me..ade org call dia and marah2..suruh dia stop disturbing me..and i have no idea who did it!! dia cakap..if you dah ade org lain kat sane [bangi] so tell him..cakap buat dia marah..huh..tapi..memang i xtau sape yg berani2 buat macamtu.cuz i xpernah bg num dia kat sape2 pown..haiihh..
futhermore,time i nak makan appetite terus gone bile tibe2 mydad sound kate 'you cant eat this gonna make you fat..'..i bengang gilerrr kot..cuz i xmakan pape pown lg since tgahari tadi..