Thursday, December 23, 2010

just..oh man!!

before i met him..i believe in love no more! why??..bcuz im being hurted by someone who didnt know how to apreciate me..opss,do i spell it ryte??heh..lantaklah..i promised myself never get in love would hurt you so deep inside..i swear!! believe me..i had an experience and it takes time to be better..
2009..i get closer with him..and..he do confessed his feeling toward me..IM SO DAMN HAPPY!!
He always gives me support and advices..ohh..does he romantic? NOPE AT least dia xkayu sgtlah..aku pernah gaduh dgn dia..c'mon lah..itu perkara biasalah kan??huh..itupun nak cerite..well
aku maafkan dia and befriend balik once he came to myhouse during raya this year..sumpah aku terharu dgn tindakan dia..the ways he looked into my eyes..ohhh..
okeylah..cukuplah story2 bout him..just wanna let you knows that im like him so scared to love him tapi SAYA SAYANG DIA KETAT2..choOp choOp..lupe nak bitau..semalam pagi, dia ajak aku main badminton dgn dia..main double ..jadi his cool,times stop at a moment when you and me are together..hoho..khayal lebih  aku neh..haihh..

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