Friday, December 24, 2010

my first trial...

fuhhh..done adjusting my blog for the first time..i take hours to make it is okay for the beginners like me..haha..big applause to me!!
i used to share my feelings to my diary and friends but..a tonne of papers will used cause i have a lot to tell..FRIENDS..lets discuss what it means on my point of view..
F.R.I.EN.D is a word to desrcibe people that are connected in physically and emotionally..friends commonly know oursecret in and out..people used to say,if you want to know how your personality look like..just take a time and look at your friends..good friends will lead us to right pathways where bad friends just know how to make our life miserable 24/7/365!! there are many ind of friends outside..the most dangerous friends is a person who gonna stab at your back and the worse is 'the person' will usually be your best buddies! urghh..i hate these kind of just out of my title

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