Friday, December 24, 2010

i stalk her..yes i am..

i spend my times read a blog..we're not a friend but i can see she slowly change for good ryte happy for her..yes i do pissed off with her once..but everyone do mistakes ryte?

my first trial...

fuhhh..done adjusting my blog for the first time..i take hours to make it is okay for the beginners like me..haha..big applause to me!!
i used to share my feelings to my diary and friends but..a tonne of papers will used cause i have a lot to tell..FRIENDS..lets discuss what it means on my point of view..
F.R.I.EN.D is a word to desrcibe people that are connected in physically and emotionally..friends commonly know oursecret in and out..people used to say,if you want to know how your personality look like..just take a time and look at your friends..good friends will lead us to right pathways where bad friends just know how to make our life miserable 24/7/365!! there are many ind of friends outside..the most dangerous friends is a person who gonna stab at your back and the worse is 'the person' will usually be your best buddies! urghh..i hate these kind of just out of my title

"NICE" day!!

today is so damn tired day!! wake up early in the morning do exercises cuz wanna cut off excessive fat..urghh..feel like breaking my legs!
body too..and now,i get a headache..a painful headache till myhead can burst,FULLSTOP!
I CALL THERE AND THERE just wanna booking a bus for our 'jamuan' this 1 january 2011..but no one is available..kalau ade pown..harge just for 1 days is almost's out of our kazen,rushdi..asking me out for shopping this sat/sun..i pick sunday to go alone,so i do call my friends that live nearby to company me..AND AGAIN,EVERYONE IS BUSYYYY!!! eurrrgghh..geram2..thank god afiff is there..agree to company me but he cant wait for me till i done shopping mystuff..thats mean..I HAVE TO GO BACK ALONE!!WITH NO ONE..hoho..okay..let be shy to go out with he is a boy..have no connection with me at all..boys no nothing bout girls stuff..and is not fun go shopping with a boy...unless he buy for me..haha..okay stop talking like a materealistic person ayuni..think wisely..and make a good decision..c'mon.c'mon..think think think!! please give me an ideas..huh..what a 'NICE' day..