Saturday, April 30, 2011


im in love with you-know-who...and yes he know bout that cuz both of us had confessed to each others once..but it's yearss agoo..human changed,same goes too heart too afraid of losing him..i want him..just him but does he know bout that?? he just live near me but it.s hard for me to accidently met him or see him at taman like before..

dulu...we had a good times together but now?? we rarely spoken to each other..=__='
i always thinkin bout him and he always showed up in my dream..i tried to hate him but i just cant!!
i missed his smile..the times we talked together with had said to me,'sometimes past is better than present'

and it is sooo true you know..yeahhh i know [X SEMUA YG KITE MAHUKAN AKAN DAPAT KITE MILIKI ]

I know bout'r easy to say it in words like..just be relax..times will help you to forget bout him..or make urself busy and u'll not thinkin bout him..BUT THE FACT IS..IT'S ONLY WORKS ON THAT TYME OKAYHHH!!!

im not in good mood..entahlahh..bgun pagi teringat kat dy..mcm hampeh plakk..yelahh im hoping on him then when we know that our hope just a hope..memang rase sediyhh ya ampunnn lahh kan?? gonna to students hectic life soon so i have to rid of the king of feelings from now agar it wont disturb my study..i dun want to face failure again as i had on my love love thinggiee like this has to be stop ryte now!! 
wake up ayuni! wake up! he doesnt love you STOPPP HOPING!!!
make a move on your life..insha'allah u;ll get a better person than him..Allah will never let you down cause He knows everythnig..HE'S THE MIGHTY..REMEMBER THAT DARLING ^_^..

SO stoppp mourning and be's okay to be a loner..cuz you still get a girlfrenss on your back..they will always by ur side *if they are your true frenss lahh kan..

so have a great day and lead a happy life dear!!!! SMILE SMILE SMILE SMILE SMILE SMILE ALWAYSSSS...

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