Thursday, May 12, 2011

hey there!! it's been years for me not updating this quite busy lately..many stuffs need to be settled down..euuurgghhh so tiring !! well i have a lot of storyies to be share with you alls..but idk whether i can finish talks about it tonite..huhu...actually i want to update this blog lame dahh..but yuni selalu errghhh..xade moodlah nak typing malam niyh..pagi esok lahh..then when it comes to next morning..i just terleka main fb!! soooo im just tooo malas malas nak update my blog..huhu =.='

okayh lets start with my upu results yg kuar sume tuh and my pilihann..*thou it seems to be too basii to talk about irt now..muahaha..but whoo cares lahh kann..hehe
well kawan kawan...yuni dapat uitm penang..SOUND GREAT ryte??? tapiii malangnyerr the course yg ditawarkan kepadaku..sgt sgt lahh mendukacitakan..DIPLOMA SENI KULINARI!!*mentang2lah aku masuk KAGUMAS then ko offer aku buat kulinari??wt heck gilerrlahh kan..soo nott me lah kan if i do take it then learn about it..huhuhu..mau x aku gelak guling2 pagi tuh tyme dapat taw yg aku dapat that course..MWAHAHAHA lahh jawapannyerrr!!

lebih kurang macam nilah keadaan aku pagi tuhh =.='  

waktu dapat taw mmg sakit perut gelak sakan...yelahh unexpected dapat that course..when i called my mum..i begin to like baby crying..because sad lahh plak kann.kos yg di idam2 kan xdapat..kuciwalahh juga..but THANK GOD! i stil have matrix as my 2nd chance to fix it..sgt bersyukur! 

 jadi i promise to myself yg aku xmo dah kapel2 niyh..xmo dah fall in love that goona ruin my future once again..*dah ade pengalaman kutt* so MY ADVICE TO MY LIL SISTA,JGNLAH BERKAPEL DI USIA MUDA..U ALLS XLAYAK LG..PERCAYALAHH....
bukanlah aku nak down kan korg yg kapel di usia no no no okay cuz aku pun kapel bercinta juga tyme muda2 dulu..[sekarang xtua lglahh] just dah habis sekolah je pun....but once u guys dah habis sekolah kan..u guys will staat to think better and be more wise than the other word..u guys dah makin matang! MATURED!
Xtau eyh makna dy??so belek ahh kamus..jgn nak jadi malas sgtlahh kan..aku sekeh kepala satgi baru hang tau!
well we done about the upu results...lets move on to the next story..yeahh!!
pada pagi isnin yg lepas mymum and i go to the clinic..take mum mc..then we go to bank..paid for my new account and so on..but part yg paling best is..mymum treats me a shoes! it's RED and it's 
the colour are same but the pattern is different..cant find mine..*malas nak snap pi then upload..hehe

im sooo happy!! pipi blushing2..^___^
tenkiu's a day after mother's day kut..its a mother the one yg supposed to give mymum hadiah but she give me one..its a mother day,i shud treat u a fine dine outside but u did it to me..its a mother day,i shud help you but u're the one helped me a lot...ohh im soory mum if i hurted you so many times..i love one cant replace your place! for're the best mom ever!! im so glad having YOU as my mum..syukur alhamdulilahh..I LOVE YOUU TOO PAPA..LOVE YOU BOTH..MY FAMILYS!!
*oppss emo plak.*

okayh lahh eyes feel so damn heavy ryte now..kite smbung story esok esok lah plak yea? 
i promise to updates more for you..

ohh yaa..before i forgot..nah here..take a lokk my piccas with HANIS FARISSA at alamanda..i love her!

terkejott berookk

huh huh..pftt..kill you!!

anis nmpok kurus tyme niyhh..hahaha

percubaan lompat katak..=.='

we love posing..dengki x??hehehe

dushh!!! muke selebet punn hang snap picca buatpo?


pink vs white

we're  good buddy yoo!!

ehem 's me..yeahhh

well there's a lot picca lagi...yg we took on that day..but xlarat nak upload sume..and yaa...i just malas nak add caption on every picca above..just let the picca tell you what we are doing..hehe
have a great day u all!!! love u guys!! 
muah muah muah

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