Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I know you're somewhere out there
Somewhere far away
I want you back
I want you back
My neighbors think
I'm crazy
But they don't understand
You're all I have
You're all I have

there is only a few days before we all go to start hit books again..become nerdy first,i just like so excited to start my new life at new environments and making new friends.but inside me,here deep at the bottom of my heart..i feel so empty..i gonna lose you..i know nowadays we can still connected thru but is not gonna be same like before..we have our own path..our own ways that we create..i cant lie to myself that im a bit scared to begin this know,out there..we are no one..independent!! yess..that is what u have to do more families can help us at that moments..stop being sooo dependable person you lil brats child!
shed your tears and  walk-in with confidents and a smile on your face! i know u're brave one..u can survive in here..just have faith on yourself..dont let your spirits down dear..HIM OUR MIGHTY ONE will always beside us..believe it and bear it on your mind..INSHA'ALLAH..all the days we have to go thru will be okay with HIS blessings and protections..i have no ideas on what i have to face next..all in mists..blurred! i just can hope that whatever probs that come to mylife after this..i can handle it..i can face the music with a smile on my face..without any sighs or blamming on others..keep my words guys..
if one days..i mis-step,PLEASEEE! pull my hand with gentle and make me realise..please dont let me ruin me when no ones besides me..what i need is just your motivation words that can overwhelming heart of mine..i might be look brave or tough..but im not just pretending to be one of it..i dont want people underestimated my talent or whatsoever that i can do while the rests just cant..i wanna be the best,so i have to make myself  feel good..thou i really clear with my weakness..but i dont want people out there know bout it..and i admit,it's my bad..i cant hide my bad side of me..but it also doesnt mean i have to reveal it to others..what i can do is,fixed it..improved myself..and learned how to accept my lackness..nobody perfect ryte?but we can always do our best to achieve perfectness in this crapy life..ouhh yaa..i know im just talking rubish points..out of just talked about what i felt ryte now..its just bout's always me..eurghh..guys..friends or not my just to say that im sooryy if im just a sellfish person who only cares bout myself compared to others..i will try my best to change it for my own good! ^__^
yeahh..human change..everything in this world also changed when it is the do prepared yourself for it..

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