Friday, June 24, 2011

doomiess day..messy sume pun ade larh

heyy guys!!

its been years for me not updating my blog ryte? ouhhh many things happened oredy!
lets talk about it..but i not gonna stolie molie sume lahh kan..i have no time to do that oukayh! but i gonna brief u a lil bit for had happend to me lately which i consider as my doomiesss day ever!!

last wednesday..i just cant shed my tears from coming so upset! i beEn scoldeD with my math tutorial tece oukayh and what me totally  BURST out is im have to repeat my quiz! ouhhyhhh!! dasyum2!!!! *sGtlahh xbest okayhh..hurmmm..on time i rase mcm nak sgt balik rumah..i asked my paremnts to come here this weekend but as usual,they're always busy till have no time for me..haishhhh!! im like so  freakin sediyh nak mati kot...dgn esok tuh ade science comp quiz..chemie quiz..terasa mcm xcukup tanah nak jalan and time mcm memang giler babeng jeles dgn kite sume dekat kms niyh kan..everything have to be fast and sume kalu boleyh on the spot je perlu dihantar and its sooo like DAMN!!!~~~
omg sgt2 lahh kan citer dy..tapi nak dijadikan citer..on next morning *thursday* yg mcm packed dgn quiz run smoothly giler sume quiz mcm tersgtlahhh mudah..hahahha and im soo happy!

so tahts all lah kan about the dommiesss day..and the most important that you all have to know one of the calon jpp kut..wuut wuutt...and tonite im gonna kick my ass up the stage and give a speech which is im not ready for it yet!! hahahaah..bulih tak if aku nak berucap mcm like soo sempoi and just be me???like gedix2 sume..but im not gedix !!im just love making faces oukayh and yeahhh i know not all of you like it whenever i make faces that cud easily pissed u off and annoyed u..but its me!! if u cant accept it..dun be my frenlahh kawan...kawan is a person that can accept you guys in whatever situation u're heading for..u knuw what i mean??get my point there?im just,okauyh..actually there's no words can specificly describe the meaning of kawan...tapi kalu kawan yg makan kawan tuh ade..and kawan yg musuh dlm diam itu bnyk...those people we called them as NEMESIS okayh!

so...dun u ever be a nemesis boleyh? teruk kut if korg ade that king of u better change! human always change,so do makes a change for yourself in a good ways lahh kan..xmaulahh in bad ways plak...baik xpayah kalu mcm tu..ade  faham??? looking for ideas..tapi im stucked! like ouh my gucci!! what the damn hell im gonna say tonite in the middle of the stage in front of  hundreds people ???let say if i give a speech yg tersgtlah buhsann...compem ramai yg menguap giler..or let say if i bagi speeech yg lika ala ala maris elena yg gedix2 skit tu kan..rase2 nyerr mau selipar tamndas hinggap di muka kan???haiyooo men....pliss chill out lah ayunie...yg ko mengelabah sgt niyh kenapa hah?ko pikir ko sorg je yg heart pounding so damn crazie klike roler coaster hah??the rest pun same just be yourself sudahhh..ko nk gedix ke..ko nak formal like sumpah boring nak mati ke..or u want just stand there say hello and blah pun..lantak kolah kan..jnji ko tuhjukkan muke kau sudahlahh...lantak pi lahh muke ko buruk mcm ape hape pun kan..u're not in miss universe puye competition yg perlu jual muke segal..u're in jpp lines..u have to show your talent especially in leadership girl! u knuw tht oredy ryte?so what are fuckin scared about it hahh???

sokmo2 pun ko boleyh je mebebel atas pentas..kenapa kali niyh xbulih??ko malu??ouhhh damn shit! sejak bile weyhh ko jadi pemalu wahai cik ayuni??*jgn nak buang tabiat sgtlah kan kate ko takut..ko malu ape sume..*

yg penting is..u have to set ur ming to stay calm..gelabah2 no more!!cuak2 gi syuhh syuhhh away...just be what u one like u..then prove it lahh babe...tell to youself taht you can handle it..jpp niyh..speech niyh sume kan ko dah byk kali take it easy my dear heart..chill okayh!chill!!! jgnlah nak stress out sgt..kalah menang is adat keep smiling owez!!

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