Sunday, July 3, 2011

bile hati mule berdegup pantas...

when you're in love..u just cant hold your feeling and hide it from your face expression...heart pounding so damn fast like crazie when my eyes looked at you..if i cud have a gut to tell you this..i wud do so but i dunt have it..ouhh dear little coward heart...why u have to fall for him??why him?? he's such an arrogant man...he's soo difficult to grab as your's but why you still into him huh??

you had promised to yourself that u'll never get into or involved in lovey dopey thiggie in kms but..why u have to breaks your own promises dear ayunie??i shudnt do that..and u're so clear bout it ryte..

his dimples..his smile..his words..isnt yours..but almost everyday every seconds his figured playing on your mind//ouh dear..u're such a stalker bad of you ayunie..

ayunie athirah..please wake up..stop it now or u gonna lost ur goal...ur target..never let overdrowned in this silly matters dear..look at your surroundings..yess..there are a loads of couples here..but your time isnt come up chillax...stay calm n cool yoooo...yeahhh me!!

okayh stop reading guys...its nothing except my stolie molie yg looser gilerr skrg dgn my own feeling..haishhhh..

new position of everythings lahh....i love my rummate..the old and the new one..all of them are so great in their own ways...thanks for being a part of life stories now girls...ur are my stories and my histories in upnext lifetime....huuuuuhuuuuuu...okayh langsung tak!

heree...i have attai...che lah..and dira...they're so awesome like ouhmyyyygodd!!!^____^

well guys...i have something to tell you...tadi petangkan my parents came here...for the first tyme after a month im here in the prison of ilmu *kms*.....can you imagine how i able deal with it huh??im great ryte?i knuw it...hahahahaha...(okayh tak!saya perassan sesorg!!) tapikan perasan tuh kekadang membuatkan diri saye bertambah yakin...heheehe...sayang kamuuu semuaaaa....muahhxxxxmuahhhhxxxx....sayangggg 89 tuhhhh...please be mine

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