Friday, July 22, 2011

new me..M.A.Y.B.E

After what have  done to me lately..i thought it is better for me to become a NEW more happy go lucky ayunie wud life is totally miserable..many stuffs to deal with..many dramas..and fake people..ouhh damn shit! i hate it..for god sake..i really mean it..
based on inertia principle..what comes around goes coped in worsey dorsey situation ever..*cit..macmlah xpenah face situasi yg lg buruk dari niyh* haktuih.!!
Just cant imagine how would  i gonna playl the dramas in front of my eyes now~~
i believe on power of mind..positive mind will lead to positive actions..and that is what i trying to do..BE POSITIVE-THINKER thou it's quite difficult to be apply on daily life routines..HAHA =.='

NEW LAPPY..WOOT WOOT..tapi saya langsung doesnt mean that im not [xreti bersyukur ke ape kan] just lately cases keep playing in my mind till im out of my focus A BIT,just a bit all lah kan..yeahh not a person who can easily separate pesonal probs and study life just like 1,2.3 kan...cause my attention and my focus can simply be disctracted by silly crappiee bad of me rite?..please be sad..*eyh jangan! others always says[MOTIVATOR OWEZ USE THIS WORDS]...this is one of the chapter of life that we have to face it thou we want for it or NOT! is a way of EXPERIENCED..huh..xpayah sgtlah kan nak kena ade this kind of not cool okayh..haktuiiihhh jauh2!!

small matter turned up into BIG BIG MATTER...hokhok...once not glamer..ouh ya..nak buat iklan jap..

       saya PELAJAR KMS...saya MODUL 2...saya praktikum 217...PRAKTIKUM  KAMI MMG GLAMERR....BECAUSE~~~~


BE jealous ouhkay...hehehe wootwoot!!

ade rase mcm annoyed x with that statement?? erhh..ADE??...mmg patut pun rase jeles..and annoyed..cuz we all mmg hotsentap sume nyehh...hahaha *tangan di dada mata ke atas*

dahlah talkin rubbish here...penat...nak layan lagu...ape de hal kan..mlm masih mude yowww!!

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