Friday, August 19, 2011

at the ground state~~ empty in my heart...listen to better man song..hurm...lookin at him..he's now at his own excited state with his new girl *alya nadhirah*
stalking his his older posts that immediately broke myheart into pieces..they sharing fb account together...texting and posting stat together...sharing keyboard..uhuk! im jealous? yes i am..thou he's not mine...

and yeah..i fall into afdhal..the EGOISTIC guy that i ever met..hurm..and he tend to remove me from his frenlist..well actually he did it already..double's hurt!  hurt  knowing  that i still cant get off my mind from stop thinking abaout you afiff..and hurt to know that afdhal would never be mine..hurm..and i hate the fact that you're my neighbour so i gonna see you more often than others..hate myself for loving you..ouhh kill me! begging you...i cant take it's too much for me..i do want to block you but i.....*'re my soul..every seconds i keep thinking about you..i tried to move on and lead my life way happier than yours..but i failed. jealous to all your girlfrens..they can have so much fun with you..have a chat with you..while i cant..

hate that i love you!

why should we been far apart to each other? i just cant figured it out..why?tell me..i need you..i want you to be mine..just i obsessed with you?yes..i think i am..but you're the one that make me be like's your's yours..not me..uhuk!uhuk!

every time i login my fb...i cant stop fingers from typing your heart feel like want to burst out and i wanna to scream out loud to tell the world...that i missed freakin hard...i wish i cud stop the time for awhile and turn back to the day that we have so much fun together...see you smile to me...and talking to each other for hours...

in memory the besi hulk..always wishing you're mine..i wont stop praying till my last breathe...

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