Sunday, May 22, 2011

to be continued...

last day last update last but still will be continued!!

my last sunday holiday at homie with family..ouhhh hoho..well.there's left only few an hours before i go there..KMS HERE I COME DARLING!!!
yeahhhh..cant wait to start learning again.otakku sudah lame tidak dikerah paksa untuk mengingati fakta2 sains yg kadang menyenakkan fikiran menyerabutkan perut memualkan tengkuk..huisshhh!!

that kind of situation sememangnya sgt2 aku tuggukan after a few months living in boringnesss kutt..thank god i go to college while waiting for the result came out..kalu tidak..i just wanna imagine what gonna happen to me..huhu..
3weeks at home pun dah rase like almost dead!

"ko xsedih ke nak pergi belajar?"

well guys..what for i be upset to go there learning a new stuffs?making friends? im just quite sad to leave my family..itu je..yelahh..xpenah duduk asramalah kann..mcm tulah ragamnyerrr..but credits to my friends yg used to live in asrama and korang tiupkan semangat pada ku yang life in ASRAMA IS BESTT GILEYHHH!!

thanks sgt2 lahh kann..well dulu2 mase tamat darjah enam..aku tersangatlah nak masuk asrama..i got the chance to go to mrsm at mersing johor..but the time just not right..on that family and i was busy packing our stuffs to move in selangor,here! BANGI! 

so my parents said..if you insist to go there,u can still have the chance when u're in form4 dear..mglahh aku tersgtlah marah..well that's my dream kut..pastu dapat plak surat offer sbp..huishhh..lagilah berasap hati aku kan..yelah..just one step forward to grab your dream but you cant get it..sapelah manusia mmg xsediyh kalau kena mcm tuh?

agak a week jugaklah aku merajukk..then now..when im 18..after years stayed at home,then tetibe nak kena duduk jauh...i feel like..alamak! banyak perkara yg usually i do terpaksa di lupai for a no no no..
tapi disebabkan saya niyh seorang yg positive im just can handle it well yooo!
so gimme big applause guys!!
hahaha...arent you jealous with me?cause u have toooo.mwehehehe *joke joke!

guys guys out there..lets us do something precious to be remember , cuz time seem to be sooo jealous toward us now..use it wisely now!

put a sincere ever smile that u have on your face..keep ur head held high and yes! be a brand new person in good ways yoo!!it's a beginnig for us..

its just like a gateaway for us to make our dream real! i know we can do it as long as we believe in ourself..yeahhh!!

what ur mind can conceive and believe,it can achieve!! so dunt get easily give up dearest friends...lets us creata an great history ever to be tell to our childs...hehehe