Tuesday, September 20, 2011

when a words arent out from yr mouth

felt like shit when you're keep on asking to yourself did your friends talking rubbish at yr back? haiihh...
no trust there..

have to be aware to everyone in every seconds..though towards yr friends..

always be a person that is out nowhere and  not included in that "special" dramas..shit again

status been updated..been read by everyone..tweet here,tweet there...haihh

always try my best to behave myself but like always lah kan..i'll ruin everything at the end of the do something weird that can annoyed people...BIG SIGH!

try sehabis boleh to ignore all the useless moments and be out away from problems...syuhh syuhhh...away from me please!!

nak cakap tapi takut ada yg makan hati..get what im trying to say here? kadang2 tuh terasa  macam unsatisfied lah with few peoples around you but you cant tell them yang you xpuas hati dgn mereka?  and have to remain silent and shut yr mouth sebab nak jage hati mereka..and kalau boleh you  tak nak cakap rubbish or something bad about them..tapi the problems is,you terpaksa pendam terendam sume segala bagai telan cincang halus2 benda tuh dalam hati..haihhh..

just wanna say that i love my friends and trying my best to not talking bad or rubbish about them..and pray that they wont talking bad about me too..what goes around comes around