Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kerongkong perit berkata

Saturday nite..dizzy-head write this entry.. Assalamualaikum all.. Fuh fuh fuh..( buang habuk yang dah berkapok kapok) Friends..roommates..lovers..siblings..families are my flowers in my heart. Each of them have their own tunes and all sounds nice actually when it is play in harmony though sometimes the tunes may be out of it tunes..I'm okay dealing with that. But..HEY!! It's a lie if I do said that I never be pissed off,touched,and irritated hearing their tunes that can drove me mad. Haha..somehow those sounds are actually my spices in my life..they add flavours in my life to make my world extra more awesome cool and yeah colorful's ain't cool to have dull life by having same rhythms everyday..imagine how you gonna feel if you have to eat same meals everyday?no variety at all? Bored have to agree with me,that's the fact! My experience never be yours because you're not me. ME is ME..AYUNI is AYUNI eventhough there's lots of AYUNI out there .( but nobody can be me,I have no twins and please don't try to be one okay? I hate copy caters!) Been ignored,dumped by them sometimes broke my heart into 18 pieces( sounds so dramatic but I love to use it..often use it actually ) I can't stand with their attitudes " try to bersabar" tapi chill lah..everyone get their bad ones perfect so don't expect too high to get perfect one. But ALMOST THE TIME! THEY ALWAYS PUTTING SMILE ON MY FACE! GIVE SUNLIGHT THAT BRIGHT MY DAY AND MAKE ME LAUGHED! I do love all of them..every single thing about them..trying to be patient more to handle their madness that suddenly pop out without any warning. Friends, baik buruk kalian adalah satu irama yang melewati drama hidup ku.. May ALLAH blessed our friendship till jannah..insyaAllah' Dedicated to : Attai..Ili Syaza..Nasuha..chela..diera..all 217 members..all ex-bukit ridan elementary school,sk taman setiawangsa,SMK muadzam shah, SMK jalan tiga and all yang pernah bersahabat dengan yuni.. P/s : do forgive me if I had done any mistakes towards you'll..regret it and trying to not doing it again.