Sunday, December 16, 2012

why why why ?????

well hello there!

currently, i'm writing this at my home. home sweet home.
 it's fun to be home but sedikit bosan pun ada juga seems i have no ideas what to do *suruh study tak mahu

so, i started to scrolling up till down my tweeter TL..stalking others people profile in FB..hoho

and i suddenly realised that, i have things that i want to have and i can't..something yang macam sesuatu yang tak pernak dan tak akan menjadi realiti i guess.

contohnya :

aku nak jadi TINGGI. like tall as a model. so i will look good in every attires that i wear. look naise.

And i seriously want to be fair *white

because people always claimed that people *women with white fair skin is beatifull..
dah aku yang gelap nih acano? look at those non-blinkings eyes when they see women that is TALL,WHITE..terus ada hati nak ngorat..terus nak bb pin lah num hp lah bagai.. kami yang gelap2 manis ni di pandang sepi je *kecik hati i nokks *

when u're short, u people macam invisible gituh..macam be neglect pon hado.

so today, i just nak lists all thing that i diden loike about myself..abt me,abt my body abt everythings lahh

1. if you asked me which parts of my body that i hate most?
firstly goes to my legs!

then my big PEHA yang ayam drumstick ni hah,i look so ugly in jeans okay. that's suck! and also in skirts because of my big butt. haishh

and i hate hairs dekat my upper lips. nampak macam i ade moustache. haishh

i'm short and i'm flabby. i felt so terrible.

sometimes i just felt unkonfiden with my body. i hate at time that i have to decide what kind of dress that would probably looks greats on me. so tiring okay. and yes i hate to dress for night event. always make me felt bad abt myself. not all baju can't suit me well.

baju dah lawa,but when i put it on. i look totally loser. macam clown okay. sebb all naise dresses selalu designed for tall people. *benci !

and it's hard for me to feel good and looks stunning if i didn't felt like one. people told you that you looking great and whatsoever tapi it's only you know whats looks good on you because sometimes they're such a big liars. they diden want you to look better than him/her or them. haishhh

whylah i can't have long clean legs with flawless white skin?

i'm not try to say that i'm not grateful of what i have now tpi this is just persoalan yang acapkali bermain di minda.


cume meluahkan je.



Wednesday, December 12, 2012

maria elena + asfirdaus!

assalamualaikum and hi there!

fuuhh fuhh..i'm so freakin eksaited knowing that maria elena and asfirdaus getting married by this end of dec. Ya Allah, i'm so happy for them. alhamdullilah!

uolls tau tak,i've been followed her life journey, love life through her blog since i was in form 2 ok. so, no wonder lah if i can get this extra rembesan adrenaline hormone here. Sometimes there's a something that we can't expressed through words. just like now..even though this is soo not my BIG DAY tapi i'm so eksaited and totally happy okay.
#like it is my BIG DAY

AWESOMENESS moment ever!

just looked at her teaser pre-wed video.

why i adore her?

firstly that you have to know that, she's the one that actually motivate me to pursuing my  studies in ENGINEERING fields instead of my papa.

2. and she's the one why i applied UTP right after i finished my school.

# it doesn't means that i want to copycat her. NO! but it just her that inspired me. A big thanks to you big sista MARIA ELENA!

besides that, the way she present herself in public is so cool. the way she get dressed and i love to read her entry. Sounds so honest and readable. i means it's fun to be read. Used to read her blog when i'm bored and stucked up in bad air. (bad mood)

the transformation of her is totally awesome too..from one that doesn't  completely covered her body, she started to change into a better person. fully-covered but still owned her style.

insha'allah, i aimed to be better person to. pray for me and yes to you to my dear friends.

maybe this will be out of tune a little but i hoping that my life is better as her.

I have faith that Allah knows better what good for me. so keep enlighten our days by worshipping HIM.



Saturday, December 8, 2012


assalamualaikum and hi there!

excident? it's me.

last 2 day ago, i kena langgar motor. #malang tak berbau

i on my way to go back to my college. then there's a big stone in front of me and i tried to avoid that and i pun masuklah kat bahu jalan #bahu jalan dia sgt tinggi,tak tipu

and on that moments i  tengah cycling kat kawasan tanah yang berbatu batu kecil tuh..once i tried to elak that batu, ade one motorcycle terkezut agaknya tgok i, he lost his control and bumped into me. kedebushh!!!

i pun flung away into the main road while that boy #yang takde lesen tak pakai helmet terseret ke bahu jalan .

Allah is The Almighty!! alhamdullilah my umur is still panjang. nasib baik all the lorries and cars semua masih jauh di belakang and all those vehicles sempat slow down. syukur syukur!

seriously i memang kaget sangat time tuh..nasib baik my friend *syarafina was there with me. Dialah yang kol her member ambil i and straight away pergi pku. huhuhuhu....

i injured kat pinggang and celah paha.. habis lebam lebam satu badan. biru sana sini uolls.

that boy asked me ganti rugi rm200 padahal it's not my faults pun. iyelah, he bumped me at the back ad he had no license and no helmet okay! haishhh...bengang bengang!!

while me get no money pun ..alasan sebb mine is just a bicycle. bicycle pun,aku gune bicycle mahal bro..kerosakkan aku nampak mcm sikit but it cost me rm200++ kot..

due to that, mymum asked me to but a new bicycle. NO MORE FIXIE! eurghhhh!!

#left : fivie ku yang tinggal kenangan

#right : my new bicycle

haishhh..before the excident happened, i baru je pi upgrade my bicycle. i changed my tyre with a new good quality of tyres and changed my handled and add up the kangaroos. tup tup..tak sampai about an hour pun i excident. tragis sungguh you!

i'm seriously quite traumatised and quite pissed off with that boy. urghh!

wanna see my bruises and cuts?

take a look>>



Wednesday, December 5, 2012

super scary

assalamualaikum and hi there!

okay..the story begins like this.

last night, there's a number. unknown number tetibe whatapps i..and i thought it was one of my friends so i like tanya lah kan who is this semua.

and he's so eksaited when i replied his text. siap cakap i ade bertentangan mata bagai dgn i. dush! celah mana aku pandang dia pun tatau lah.


his way, on how he tried to approach me macam extreme sangatlah..i tak suke!

soryy dude. i love to play hard.

and i'm sorry, i may not into you.  you be friend dgn i gune kaedah yang salah.




Tuesday, December 4, 2012

is MR.RIGHT ever exist?

assalamualaikum and hi hi prengs!!

at last, semalam selesai lah sudah all test 2 for all subjects. just waiting for final and i'm on my way to prepare myself for it.

#wish me luck,ahaks!

did i told you that i was like ade crush into this hot guy? i called him galah. we've been barely talked quite sometimes. until lah kan 1 day tu, i read about an article

# if you missed someone, put yr hand on yr heart and recite al-fatihah. insha'allah he/she will feel it.

and suprisingly yes, i did that!

i seru nama dia for 3 times and start reciting al-fatihah. for 3 days and suddenly on the 3rd day, he gimme a text. and i was sooo damn eksaited lah kan. but i tatau lah ape masalah dgn i ni, once org tu dh start texting i bagai, i plak yg ego. jual mahal kononnya. eurghh!

gedix kan?

whatsoever lah..i dunt care. what is in my mind now, i start to melt with adi. the one that i met at tennis court. i guess he's already taken but yeah..for me,dia mcm so into me. dia can get into my flows. i loike that. huhu~~

not many guys can handle me well. eventhou he's so not memenuhi my ideal guy puye criteria..but he got something that buat me tertarik. lalalala~

# am i angau already with him? idk. tappi yg i tau, i mmg tak suke bila ade girl ber-tweet2 dgn dia.. ber-hashtag2 dgn dia.. super jealous okay!

tapi tak bitau dia lah kan..malu lah i nnty. hoohoo



Thursday, November 29, 2012

down..too deep

hi here and there!

i called mymum just now and she was so excited telling me about sending my sister and younger brother to KUIS and i just like..what? the environment there is soooo like an university and they both are so fortunate to get in there. imma so jealous right now. ughhh~

my tears just want to go out once my younger sister talking about her going to finish her hafazan of 30 juzu' insha'allah by this end of the year. i envy you lah angah!

and she want to pursuing her studies abroad and i like seriously you want to leave me here?  im still in Malaysia furthering my study but you will simply get a place to further yr study in overseas? ouch..that's hurt. why lah you got so many advantages compare to me angah?

as a big sister..yes i'm jealous with you. for me, you're such a good child for papa and ummi while me is a chaos.

I failed to make my parents proud of me during my spm..during my matric and i just failed to get a course that they wanted me to be. am i a loser? hopefully i'm not but i cant lie myself that i'm not a good childs for my parents. or maybe yes i'm just a loser.
how worse it could be?

i just realised that my adik adik have grown up so damn fast! i'm scared. hell yeah..why?

because it's such an indicator to me that i'm getting parents too..time that i've got is almost reach to the end. am i well-prepared to the hereafter? frankly speakin' im not. damn scary meh.

nothing to share,xoxo


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

NEVER scrolled down!

ahah! hi and assalamualaikum semua~~

apa khabar? me,here..alhamdullilah sihat! syukur masih dipanjangkan umur untuk terus bernafas di atas muka bumi-Nya ini. syukran Ya Rabbi!!

well well well..i woke up early in the morning today. settle-down some of my chores like jemur-ing kain..basuh-ing and kemas-ing katil like usually laj]h kan. #dayyum all things pun kau nak letak -ing kan? over tau!

haha,gedik me. So after i done handling that urgh--urghh works lah kan..i start to hit the power button of my lappy  waiting for an orange page appear (uthm portal login) and hell yeah i click on blogger dashboards and reviews all the posts that i've been publish. It's hilarious men! kelakar serious i tak tipu. It showed me how immature i used to be before~~

#sekarang mature sangatkah?

nope really but i learned how to be RATIONAL. it make sense kan?

my promises :

1. wanna create or re-new my blog
2. this is my blog my space so it's up to me to style it in what theme okay?

hahaha..i gotta go now..class waiting for me and i've to refresh myself and be ready to class.

bye-bye friendylicious !!



new alert!

i'm not any longer a student but i'm an athlete student. i'm now totally will go through my life a bit differ from others. Isn't because i'm a weirdo okay? tapi sebab pengorbanan komitmen dan disiplin yang tinggi itu penting dalam mencapai impian. A SCHOLARSHIP!!

i'm positive and looking forward to get it no matter how hard it could be. A strong faith and strong  believing in ME allow me to prove that i can be the best and beat the rest. INSHA'ALLAH!!

do you ever have an idea how awesome an athelete life is?

we get sponsored from head-2-toe uolls. Our kebajikan di jaga rapi and will be given  an exclusive care from upline (the authorities) hahaha~ that's make me feel awesome.Everyone envy you and want your life.

but there's a story behind all the glamorous appearances.

The difficulties and how we overcome our nafs and struggle up and down and stay calm in worse conditions
is another story. A hidden secret that no one want to know about that. Uncountable of tears,broken-hearted moments, cut here and there is just a flavour in our circle of life. The sweetnest of glory will be the same if there's no hardness,sadness and all the ness ness one la. Did you get what i'm trying to point out here??

That's why SPORT AND ME will never can be tear-up. long-life for sport!! Majulah sukan untuk negara!



Wednesday, November 21, 2012

eazie-wezie talk

ohh hi peeps! assalamualaikum~~

arakian lama sudah beta tidak menuliskan. rindu beta tak ?


sebelum beta sempoi-sempoi bercerita tentang hal-hal yang berlaku keatas diri beta, dengan rendah hati dan dukacitanya beta ingin mengkhabarkan bahawa :


oklah..itu cume permulaan story je.. kalau di hitung2 cerita yang ingin di kongsi bersama rakyat jelata semua mmg rasa takkan habis. sebab banyak sangat daa~

beta cuit-cuit sana sini sikitla ye yang mana beta rasa perlu dan beta ingat.

1st :
 minggu lepas was my doom week. Once i woke up, i suddenly felt annoyed to almost everybody around me. i got mad and pissed off easily. NEVER BEHAVE LIKE THAT BEFORE melainkan there's something bothering me and i can't figured it out.

so i'm sorry for those people yang kena fire sembur dengan beta tempoh hari. all the harsh words not really came from my heart. My mind and my manners on that particular day didn't worked well. hoho

2nd :


beta cukup-cukup berbulu mata when i see sekelompok manusia yang macam tak ada sikap awareness in their life ini. After makan,can you please help those working people with put yr dirty plate into the pail provided? No harm at all. it's not about tugas-tugas angkat pinggan ni tugas makcik makcik kafe but it's reflects our manner. LAGIPUN, THE BESEN DAH DISEDIAKAN.

3rd :

test week! what a hectic moment ever! during test week memanglah banyak betul temptation yang datang menggoda nafsu untuk tidak belajar. Walhal bila time free free tak pula rasa macam nak buat all craps stuffs tu semua. haiyyaa!

but but but~~ alhamdullilah, i proud to myself because i'm not blank like before
 (1st time ambil test in degree)means i have ideas on how to tackle that questions.

hopefully i can do better for my final. INSHA' ALLAH.
#struggle hard, insha'allah it'll pay off.

right after i done my test semalam.. i terus je beli selendang tudung. so below is the attachment of pics yang tengah perasan. harap maklum..TENGAH PERASAN!!

hehe ^_^

Friday, October 19, 2012

still survive!

assalamualaikum and hi peeps!

alhamdullilah, i'm still alive till today. syukran Ya Allah!

almost 2 months here, UTHM. i slowly manage to adapt myself in here. Alhamdullilah again.

At first, the journey seem so hard to go through but with high determination and supports from others really gimme a splash. feel like i'm breathable now.

and alhamdullilah again many goals achieved :

1. i get myself a bicycle to ease my life. hehe (good transportation when you're late)
2. just make myself selected as one of the rowers team
3. alhamdullilah manage to drop my koko for this sem (no palapes no worry)
4. get myself a loan (ptptn) walaupun dapat suku je..tetap bersyukur ^_^
5. still manage to hantar works on time!

Ya Allah,
permudahkanlah urusan diriku ini serta rakan rakan di sini sepanjag kami menuntut ilmu mu Ya Allah. Berkati dan redhailah ilmu yang kami pelajari. Lembutkanlah hati hati kami serta berikanlah kami daya tahan diri yang tinggi untuk mencegah diri ini daripada sebarang anasir anasir buruk yang bakal menjengah dalam sepanjang perjalanan kami ini Ya Allah. Amin!

It's not true if there is no hardness in life. I do feel sad and somehow felt down  but i tried as i can to be strong again.
I believe i can do my best.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

perangkap menuntut ilmu


Perangkap-perangkap Semasa Menuntut Ilmu

1. Masih Mengenang Kegemilangan Lalu

Ramai penuntut di kolej/universiti adalah pelajar-pelajar cemerlang di sekolah menengah. Ini memberi mereka rasa selamat yang palsu. Mereka mungkin telah menjadi pelajar kesayangan guru dan pelajar cemerlang dalam kelas mereka tetapi apa yang mereka tidak sedar ialah apabila mereka masuk ke kolej/universiti, mereka sedang belajar dengan 200 lagi pelajar cemerlang. Mereka juga tidak sedar bahawa mereka sedang mempelajari subjek yang keseluruhannya baru yang mana mereka perlu mendapat bimbingan untuk memperolehi ilmu pengetahuan. Oleh yang demikian, jika pendekatan mereka silap, sukar bagi mereka untuk memahami apa yang mereka sedang pelajari.

2. Kejutan Budaya

Penuntut yang masuk ke kolej/universiti akan mengalami perubahan yang mendadak dalam budaya hidup dan budaya belajar mereka yang mana kini mereka hidup berjauhan daripada ibu bapa mereka atau disiplin ketat sekolah berasrama. Oleh kerana kehadiran ke kuliah tidak diambil maka tidak ada sesiapa pun yang tahu jika seseorang itu ponteng kuliahnya. Di sekolah atau pusat matrikulasi, semua yang perlu dipelajari oleh pelajar diberi oleh guru atau tutor. Sebaliknya di kolej/universiti, pensyarah bertugas membekalkan prinsip-prinsip asas dan ilmu pengetahuan teras yang perlu diperluaskan oleh penuntut-penuntut sendiri dan berkeupayaan menggunakan ilmu yang diberi.
Kejutan budaya yang mendadak ini menyebabkan ada penuntut-penuntut menghadapi kesukaran menyesuaikan diri mereka. Sekiranya keadaan ini tidak di tekankan kepada penuntut-penuntut dan menyediakan mereka bersedia terhadap kenyataan ini, kejutan budaya ini boleh menjejaskan prestasi mereka. Pendekatan pembelajaran berasaskan masalah yang digunakan di kolej/universiti adalah sesuatu yang baru dan ia menggunakan kaedah pembelajaran terarah pada penuntut dan ia adalah amat berbeza daripada kaedah belajar di sekolah.
Situasi sebenar: Seorang penuntut yang baru masuk ke kolej/universiti diberi sebuah kereta dan telefon bimbit dan tinggal di pangsapuri bersama kawan-kawannya. Dengan budaya berkumpulan ini mereka keluar makan malam pada pukul 8 malam dan balik pada jam 10 malam, kemudian baru mula belajar. Mereka meneruskan rutin ini sehingga semua ahli dalam kumpulan ini gagal peperiksaan dalam peperiksaan tahun pertama. Selepas gagal percubaan mengulangi peperiksaan yang sama mereka terpaksa bertukar ke fakulti lain.

3. Memilih Atau Dipilih Oleh Rakan-rakan Yang ‘Salah’

Bercakap melalui pengalaman saya, saya dapati ramai pelajar yang cemerlang di sekolah tidak menunjukkan prestasi sebaik yang sepatutnya di universiti oleh kerana mereka bergaul dengan kumpulan rakan yang salah yang tidak tahu keutamaan dan matlamat penuntut kolej/universiti. Mereka suka dan teruja bertemu kawan-kawan baru dan menemui cara-cara baru menghabiskan masa berhibur sesama mereka terutama sekali apabila mereka mendapat banyak wang daripada ibu bapa kaya yang berfikir anak mereka akan mencapai prestasi yang baik jika mereka diberi segala-galanya.

4. Hilang Semangat

Ramai pelajar belajar bersungguh-sungguh untuk peperiksaan semata-mata untuk masuk universiti. Malangnya, haluan masa depan kerjaya mereka selepas masuk ke universiti tidak difikirkan dulu atau dibincangkan dengan kaunselor sekolah. Setelah bertungkus-lumus untuk masuk ke universiti, mereka hilang semangat dan hilang motivasi untuk belajar.

5. Dipaksa Oleh Ibu Bapa Untuk Mengambil Jurusan Tertentu

Contohnya, bidang perubatan. Ada juga penuntut-penuntut yang tidak berminat dalam jurusan perubatan tetapi masuk ke kolej/universiti kerana dipaksa oleh ibu bapa mereka. Subjek-subjek perubatan tidak boleh dipelajari jika seseornag itu tidak berminat. Melalui pengalaman saya, saya pernah melihat pelajar yang sudah masuk tahun empat berhenti kerana mereka tidak dapat meneruskan dan terpaksa memulakan pengajian di fakulti lain.

6. Belajar Bersendirian

Sewaktu menuntut di kolej/universiti, belajar dalam kumpulan adalah sangat penting. Tiga sebab utama kenapa ada penuntut-penuntut tidak belajar dalam kumpulan:
  • Tidak mahu orang lain tahu tentang kejahilan mereka dalam subjek-subjek yang diambil
  • Takut berkongsi pengetahuan mereka dengan rakan-rakan yang lain yang mungkin memperolehi markah yang lebih tinggi daripada mereka
  • Tidak mahu berusaha lebih
Melalui pengalaman saya, ramai penuntut yang tidak mendapat prestasi baik adalah mereka yang tidak mempunyai kumpulan belajar dan hanya berpuas hati duduk di perpustakaan berjam-jam lamanya dan membaca buku. Apabila mereka tidak lulus dengan baik dalam peperiksaan, mereka menjadi murung kerana tidak ada tempat mengadu. Keadaan ini menyebabkan mereka patah semangat dan hilang dorongan untuk belajar. Akhirnya berlakulah lingkaran ganas sebab dan akibat dengan mengakibatkan bertambah lagi kehilangan semangat mereka. Sebaliknya penuntut-penuntut yang ada kumpulan belajar lulus dengan lebih baik dan jika ada di antara mereka yang lulus tidak sebegitu baik, rakan sekumpulan akan cuba membantu mereka sebab kelemahan setiap ahli telah didedahkan semasa sesi perbincangan.

7. Terlalu Bersaing dan Tidak Bekerjasama

Keadaan ini lazim berlaku dikalangan penuntut-penuntut perempuan. Keadaan ini berlaku mungkin disebabkan mereka adalah pelajar cemerlang di sekolah menengah atau pusat matrikulasi. Akibatnya, mereka mahu kekal menjadi pelajar cemerlang dan menjadi terlalu bersemangat serta cuba mendapat sebanyak ilmu pengetahuan yang boleh, tanpa memberi pertimbangan kepada orang lain. Masalah ini dijelmakan dalam salah satu atau semua tingkah laku berikut:
  • Berebut mendapat perhatian pensyarah
  • Bersikap mementingkan diri dan tidak rela berkongsi dengan orang lain nota- nota dan buku-buku yang baik yang diberi pelajar senior
  • Mengawal atau mendominasikan sesi makmal dan tidak beri peluang kepada orang lain menyertai membuat eksperimen
  • Menyembunyikan fakta yang mereka telah pelajari
Belajar di kolej/universiti diibaratkan seperti berperang. Kita tidak boleh melakukannya bersendirian. Kerja berkumpulan amat penting. Tidak ada siapa menjadi pesaing dan semua orang merupakan rakan seperjuangan. Semua ahli mesti berkongsi kelengkapan perang untuk memenangi peperangan dan memperolehi kejayaan bersama. Tidak ada kuota berapa orang patut dapat A di kolej/universiti. Hakikatnya, seorang rakan yang mendapat A tidak akan merampas peluang kita untuk mendapat A. Lebih banyak kita memberi, lebih banyak kita mendapat. Dengan kata lain, lebih banyak kita memberi ilmu pengetahuan kepada rakan-rakan kita, berkongsi nota dengan mereka, lebih banyak mereka akan berkongsi dengan kita. Dengan itu dua tambah dua jadi lima, ini yang kita panggil SINERGI.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

percaturan hidup

assalamualaikum peeps!

sejak dah masuk alam universiti nih..i'm quite busy nak meng-update this blog. penat! tonnes of assignment and lots of activities yg mcm takkan pernah habis.

all about MHS week let it be history. too long too share too much too say. =.='
now it's already 3 weeks i'm here. UTHM!

wow..cepatkan masa berlalu?

for this semester yuni ambil 18 kredits. allsubject is awesome except for KOKO. Yuni dh tersalah select palapes and now i'm really regret about it. i fail myself to submit the docs neede,fail myself to go to the interview session semua but i went to ujian fizikal. penat woo~

why i choose palapes at first?

well..i choose palapes sebab i want to stay in hostel. tamau duduk rumah sewa on the 2nd year and the rest year. tapi..i make a wrong decision. serabot sangat rasa. bila pi dekat pusat koko tu, abg tu cakap koko can't be drop or insert/delete semua. but i macam risaulah kan..what about my kredit hour then?

tataulah nak buat mcm mana..i refused nak share masalah ni kat my parents..nanti diorang risau. serabot sgt..

jealous tak masuk keusahawanan or other koko yg nmpak mcm best sgt2..huhuhuhu...

oh ayuni. what have you done?
once i see my friends ramai je kenal senior..rasa mcm jealous kot. at least they people to refer to or to ask for buku lama2 semua. haishh..i feel different.

dahla time masuk sini rasa eksited takde langsung. dh mcm hilang deria hilang semangat je aku ni.

ya allah! please help me figure out my probs here.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

kena tipu on raya!

hi there! assalamualaikum and happy eid mubarak to all of you muslims.

time flies so fast right? tup tup ramadan was finished and raya say HELLO!!
this RAYA just great because i cannot totally focused on raya. my mind start to think what should i bring..what should i do..all forms filled-up already or many things in my mind uolls just in the 2nd day of raya.

and  as uolls know, ME  now doing a little business on *beauty cream* and i would love to attach my clients reviews in the next entry. so wait for it okay? hewhewhew

 okay,enough with that. lets proceed!

raya : what was happened on raya? be honest,my emotions is quite distracted and deeply touched with a few on people yg macam *sok tahu gitu lorh*

means in almost everything just only that person je yg tahu segalanya. macamlah kite ni bodoh sangat. i sentap u buat mcm tu tau!

part best on my raya would be a extremely ohsem  BBQ on the 3rd night of raya if im not mistaken lah kan at kak long's house. best woo makan ramai2..comot comot semua sana sini. klik-klik sini klik-klik sana uolls. glamer sangat tau. hahaha!

part tak best : let it be history lah.ok? i mind to share sebab this blog is public so i tak nak lah ade my words nanti orang luar sana manipulate ape semua kan. cume ade satu story lah i nak share.

it's happened after i dh balik bangi on friday

pada pagi yg indah ditemani mimpi2,tidurku telah diganggu oleh suara nyaring itu >>


ME :






i started to recall back my memories >> ouh yaa..waktu on july aritu i ade pi mines sensorang i mengaku ade  register this umobile thing. tapi si apek cine hampagas tu kata it's free and it's prepaid so i mcm tak kisah sgt lah kan nak register sebab i fikir :
(alah aku bukan gune pon,tak yah topup naty num tu expired sendiri lah in few months later)

so nak jadikan citer,after je i register that umobile i trus blah..tak check ape sume so that is my fault lah. and i  get lessons on that ye! haiish..

so, dgn segeranya i pon call lah customer service line and do make a report about i yg dah tertipu niyh.

iyelah, i tak gune come i nak pay for something yg i tak gune and it's 60++ ringgit something kot. MAHAL SIH!!

after i cakap kat org tu, dia suh i lodge a police report so i said yes lah kan sebab tengah marah.

then after my marah sume dh reda and i can think wisely tak ikut hati i decided not to lodge a police report. sebab :

1. it takes time.
2. bile kena dealing dgn polis ini mcm tak best lah sebab akan ada sesi soal siasat sume and i pon dh nak pi blaja so i tamau lah serabut2 kepala dgn hal remeh temeh ni
3. that guy is cine so usually cine mcm expert in manipulate people sume kan. i bukan nak racist ke ape.. tapi that's the fact

as a conclusion: i pon bersiaplah pi customer service centre dia yg jauh tu ..dekat dgn times square. i cukup malas nak pi sana..yelah dhlah duit terbang hangus lagi pastu penat lagi dapat. hati plak bengkek je. sabao jelah.

dh siap urusan kat sana terminated service i dpt tau i still kena bayar for this month august. yg i paid tadi is for july. mcm hareeem. makin hangin hati gue. once i asked nak bayar sume sekaligus,mudh kerja..dia cakap

( cannot lah miss,we dont know yet yr usage means yr real usage for this month)

and aku sergah lah cakap, tatau ape plak..u see the simcard,
(sambil hulur cars simcard yg tak penah pgng tuu) i tak buka keluar lg from its card so mesti amount dia just same with this previous month. and that girl mcm tatau nak cakap ape. geram betol aku

gara gara hati yg bengkek kaki sakit aku pon shopping sakanlah nak bg reda hati. sedar2 duit tinggal bape keping je. *note: jgn shopping time emosi tak stabil ye

so,the end of the story.

# once i fikir balik, mungkin ini satu ujian yg Allah nak duga saya and salah satu cara untuk menyucikan rezeki yg saya dapat. yelah..takut ade termakan hasil kotor ke ape kan..just think positive. ini kira satu kifarat nak hapus dosa and pengajaran utk masa akan dtg. so pada uolls yg belum terkena. jaga jaga ye? jngn sampai terkena mcm saya.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

balik kampooong!

yeay raya dh dekat. meh pulang ke desa.. bye2 kawan2...

ada salah silap,setulus hati yuni minta maaf yea?

#raya tahun ini nak minta maaf and maafkan orang betul2..bagi bersih sume hati..totally zero,insha allah sebab before2 this ade gak terselit-terselit 0.99 sume..hehe

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pay back time.

know that the debtor will not enter into heaven as long as it does not repay the debt to whom they owe.


Hello. Hi peeps. it's been awhile for me not updating my blog. Honestly,i have too many to share with and somehow forgot to write about it. I can't easily write i want when my emotions isn't  in stable mode.Harsh words might come out from my mouth.

I here to talk about those who don't know how to pay back what their owes. haiyark! When you need that money,without a seconds you stop calling and texting me ask to lend money. But when it come to pay back time,you suddenly dissapear without a clue. how could you? You ask me to give you time,and yes I give you time but what did you give me back? NOTHING!
You broke your own promises. Shame on you!

I help you,lending you my money because you're my friend and I don't want to see my friend been in trouble.It is almost a year,and i never heard your news right after you take my money.

This is one of the reason why now I quite *kedekut* if there is someone ask to lend money from me.I can give you money if you really keep your word to pay back on time. I'm not working yet,so I don't have any source of financial yet. I'm just a student like you so please understand me.

ohmai..why do you this to me?

Doing bussines? Yes, I do love it. I love doing bussines but you give me a tough time when you refused to pay me first before you get your goods, I have to use my money first and it's really burdening me. It wasnt  a small amount okay? It's a LARGE amount for me,an unemployed girl yet. I really want you people,out there to know that it's difficult to deal with one who can keep his/her promise.

It's adviseable to you people out there settle down all your debt and give your money in first place when you want to buy something. Can you?

And if you coming to your uncle or auntie house, please don't let they spent a lot of money of you. They have kids too okay. *TAK KAN LAH SAMPAIKAN TIKET BUS PUN MAKCIK AND PAKCIK NAK KENA BAYAR?SENDIRI MAU INGAT LAH WEYH..* I had to give my money to re-fund my mum money..for what? For paying the bus ticket that you forgot to pay or you *buat2* lupa. When it come to money things, everyone is same no terms of  friends or sedara2 eh,hutang WAJIB bayar.FULLSTOP!

If you refused to do so, jawab sendirilah di hari perhitungan kelak. Simple.

I'm not referring this entry to specified person,it's general but if you do felt offended,I won't say sorry because people take me easy when I always say sorry eventhough it's not my fault. You deserve it.

What are you still waiting for?  Take out your wallet and pay your debt.

# for those whoever owes me, please pay me back. *gimme my money*
we dont have any ideas till when we are still alive in this world,so pay them back selagi you have time to do so. If not,you'll regret and it changed nothing.

Balasan Allah itu pasti. ketahuilah olehmu,orang2 yang tidak melangsaikan hutangnya kepada manusia tidak akan dapat masuk ke dalam syurga Allah.

I really appriciate your cooperation.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

let's DIY,it's stylin' time

hi buddies! salam dihulur tanda pembuka bicara.

inspired by aidijuma hijab style. simple! worth it to give a try. no need a long time to belit belit thing,only 2 steps and you're done to rock the world !


look down here,the results...weeee~

#abaikan muka-muka yg semacam mintak penampor sedas,wuuuuhooooo~

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

budak2 comel behind the scene!

when I was in matric, me and some of my friends decided to enter one competition,it's talent time. we had so much fun! Laughters,enjoys and conflicts a bit but we managed to go through with it extremely heaven!

Watching this video again,make me smile widely. It make me realised how I missed this moment and I miss you guys. All of you P7! I'm so glad to be a part of your life stories and the time that we spent together. With deep love,here I attached the video to share it with all,to flashback how much we had fun there. It's a history now. I'm sad knowing the fact that we all will not be sitting together,learn new stuffs and all but I'm happy to all us and I always pray the best for every single of you in journey to creating and fulfil our dreams!

budak budak comel team

the first saringan video


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

i speak-out LOUD

As you all know, I had a problem with my teacher,one that responsible do my license because he always postpone our classes. He's  promises-breaker. deep down, I felt stupid because I decided to use his service that greatly dissapointed me. I don't want to be rude to anybody because it's so not me. But, seriously he make me to be one of it. "how could you?" haihh..

I don't like to be push by anyone in this world and I think,so do you right?
so, it wasn't a great thing to do when I have to push again and again to someone else. BUT I HAVE TO! Don't blame me. You're great in person if you handle your work in time. I might be younger than you, but I really have to say this, YOU NEED TO CHANGE, FOR YOUR OWN SAKE,NOT FOR ME AND NOT FOR OTHER PERSON.

Are we clear now? I hope so. You may hate me for doing this, but i hate it more okay. I need to speak out LOUD to get my right,not to bring you down.

I really appriciate your cooperation.

Thank you.

( message to him : Salam abg quore,  I know my license will be tested by jpj on sept,I’m okay with that now but what make me curious to know is,when can  I  get my practices on? As you know, I’m going to reg-in on 2nd of Sept and I probably will be sort of  busy settle down my packaging and all stuffs. So, it’s almost end of Ramadhan,and our drive-on classes not even start yet. I’m really looking forward for it. Seriously, I  want to get it done as soon as possible and I don’t want to running-out of time practicing after raya. Can you get me? Are we clear? 
# honestly ,I’m quite dissapointed with your service and I’m sorry if I make you feel offended  but I’m  not a liar so I’m telling you the truth. )

jom pakat ramai-ramai cakap qlate!


apa khabar sahabat2 ku di luar sana,for the latest update..i nak ajok uolls kecek kelate..bagi lidah tergeliat-geliat sikit,buleh ke xbuleh?

hehe ^_^

# khas utk nabila semac grup

Sunday, July 29, 2012

mari merungut!

can you see the header above say what? it's merungut time, complain something.

before i forgot, assalamualaikum!

yaa.. im here nak merungut ..
im so stress and worried about my car not even get L yet padahal it almost past 3weeks kot i passed the test. whattheheck gile??

one of my friend amir yg i kenal kat sana,car test academy tuh already proceed to next level..practicing and learn how to drive-in the car padahal we went to kpp,taking car test bahagian 1 and bengkel sama2 kot..

nih yg aku bengang ni!!!!!!!!  i tried many times hantar messages sume kat abg driver tuh tapi dia tak balas pun and kadang2 tu tak angkat hp pun! how dare you! duit ape sume aku dh bayar kot! erh,duit nak laju je,kerja tak jalan..cakap je reti potpet sana potpet sini tapi hasil apa pun  takdak! harrraaaammmm!!!

aku dah nak reg-in mask blaja 2nd of sept ni dh and when i asked my fren amir,dia cakap paling awal test jpp pun this 7 sept..hah,mmg aku DEKAT giler nak balik amek test. aku mmg angin nak meletop lah kan..

dh lah nak amik test jpp uh at least kena tggu lesen L cukup sebulan..mmg lahabau puye org. aku sakit hati betul lah dgn kau. dh tau diri tu ade mcm2 puye bisnes pehlis lah adekan work schedule or hold on dulu yg tak penting sume tu..and if you rasa you cannot handle this stuffs sume,tak payah lah nak tarik masuk org dh..aku geram nih dgn kau cakap tak serupa bikin kot.

arghhhhh!!!! aku marah betul dgn kau niyh bro..kau jgn sampai aku bakar ganyang kau nanti. geram giler..

aku pakat suruh ramai2 boikot tempat kau kan saja je kau bankrupt.

#dlm hati mmg ade rasa mcm nak suh kau bankrupt,biar ko sodar sikit langit ni tinggi ke rendah!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Posisi Jerawat Petunjuk Kepada Kesihatan Seseorang

Oh..Tidak! Jerawat. Kebanyakan orang pernah naik jerawat di muka tidak kira besar atau kecil. Kalau tengok cermin mesti tidak sah kalau anda tidak belek-belek muka, nampak jerawat mulalah rasa sakit hati dan geram kan? Itu perkara biasa.
Ada setengah orang cakap jerawat ini menyusahkan dan memalukan bila sudah naik banyak-banyak di muka. Sampai ada yang sanggup tidak mahu keluar rumah bila muka berjerawat. Betul ke? Tapi jerawat tak boleh dibiarkan sebabkan kesannya sangat teruk.Tapi tahukah anda posisi jerawat boleh memberi petunjuk ataupun isyarat tentang kesihatan kita walaupun bukanlah secara menyeluruh? Menarik bukan? Jom teruskan membaca info dibawah.

Jerawat kat DAHI

Haba badan yang melampau serta peredaran darah yang tidak baik menjadi punca kepada naiknya jerawat kat dahi kita. Orang yang ada jerawat kat dahinya selalunya memiliki sifat panas baran.
Untuk menghindari, dinasihatkan supaya menjadikan amalan untuk tidur awal serta bangun awal. Selain itu pastikan dapat tidur yang cukup dan minum air banyak.

Jerawat kat HIDUNG

Kalau jerawat di batang hidung, ianya bermaksud tulang belakang kita mungkin bermasalah. Jika ianya di hujung hidung mungkin disebabkan haba perut melampau dan sistem penghadaman yang tidak normal.
Dan jika di salah satu hujung hidung pula boleh dikaitkan dengan ovari atau sistem reproduksi yang mempunyai masalah.

Jerawat kat DAGU

Kalau jerawat tumbuh di dagu pula, berkemungkinan fungsi buah pinggang telah terjejas atau sistem endokrin (rembesan dalaman) lemah. Untuk kaum wanita yang mudah mendapat jerawat di sekitar dagu mungkin berpunca daripada haid yang tidak teratur dan sistem peranakan yang bermasalah.

Jerawat kat PIPI

Jika jerawat tumbuh di pipi kiri, fungsi hati mungkin kurang lancar seperti dilanda masalah rembesan, menyahtoksin dan penghasilan darah. Jika di sebelah pipi kanan, fungsi paru-paru berkemungkinan tidak normal.

Jerawat kat BADAN (Belakang dan Depan)

Bagi jerawat yang tumbuh di belakang atau depan badan ianya memberi petanda kemungkinan sistem perkumuhan bermasalah, seperti terkena sembelit. Dinasihatkan supaya mengamalkan pemakanan yang sihat bagi memastikan toksin tersingkir dengan lebih baik.
Nampaknya ada yang terus menghadap ke cermin untuk melihat posisi jerawat anda. Walaubagaiman pun artikel yang dikongsikan ini adalah sekadar rujukan sahaja. Untuk mendapatkan maklumat lebih jelas mengenai tahap kesihatan, anda perlulah mendapatkan rawatan dan nasihat doktor.

P/S: Tips untuk kulit sihat

Anda dinasihatkan untuk minum sekurang-kurangnya 8 gelas air kosong sehari. Ini akan membantu anda utk menyeimbangkan suhu badan dan membebaskan toksik yang tidak dikehendaki daripada tubuh badan kita. Ia juga membantu pelawasan.

cabaran ramadhan!!

assalamualaikum ya ukhti sekalian.
semoga dirahmati dan diberkati oleh-Nya..

alhamdullilah diriku ini masih sempat meraikan ramadhan tahun ini. syukur!

bila direnungi kembali masa lalu, setiap kali ramadhan datang menziarahi,diri ini pasti dilanda dugaan terutama sekali dari segi kesihatan. tidak pula ingin merungut,kata ummi inilah salah satu cara untuk menghapuskan dosa-dosaku yg tidak terkira banyaknya itu. kesakitan yang diberi adalah satu ujian buat ku untuk menguji tahap keimanan ketaqwaan dan kesabaran aku..untuk melihat sejauh mana aku mampu bertahan dengan ujian yg kecil ini. kalau tahun lepas diri ini undergo major operation di bahagian mulut..lalu tahun ini,di beri pulah ujian di bahagian mata..naik ketumbit..

this is my 1st time ketumbit..perit pedih gatal hanya DIA yg tahu. Ya Allah,kau angkatlah penyakit ku ini.

it's getting bigger now..picture taken today this morning 

skip jap : target for my ramadhan.

last year my ibadah for ramadhan wasnt good enough. selalu alhamdulilah khatam satu al-quran tapi last year i failed to khatam. so, i need anjakan paradigma! yes,sangat perlu!! target will be ~~

1. jaga my solat!

2. khatam alquran INSHA'ALLAH

3. hafal makna2 bacaan dalam solat

side target,hehe:

1. kurus kan badan S shape.
2. taking care of y skin more,no more zits and scars..

ayuhlah wahai sahabat2 ku berubah kearah kebaikan..sesungguhnya bulan ini adalah satu bulan "training centre" untuk mengembalikan hati kita semua kepada fitrah. bulan ramadan adalah satu bulan bulan tarbiyah.

bulan untuk kita menundukkan nafsu kita. satu bulan peralihan buat kita semua untuk melahirkan dan meningkatkan ketaqwaan kita. INSHA'ALLAH!!

human change for better.

tolak jauh2 setiap segala sikap mazmumah dan tanamkanlah diri untuk menyemai budi pekerti dan nilai mahmudah dgn sebanyak2nya!

#setiap perubahan itu pasti ada cabarannya. kesusahan yang dilalui pasti akan berakhir,yakinlah pada tuhan mu yang MAHA ESA! sesungguhnya, dalam setiap kesulitan itu pasti akan ada kesenangan. insya'allah!

semoga berjumpa lagi

Saturday, July 14, 2012

facebook before we face-book!

yeeeehaaa! assalamualaikum semua rakyat jelata beta..*koya jadi rajo menta deh*

pada malam yang sungguh hening ini,beta berasa amat bersyukur ke hadrat illahi atas limpah rahmat kurniaan yang diberi. alhamdullilah. rakyat2 ku mesti sudah sedia maklumkan yg UPU result dah tubik. so i posted mine place and my course too (check kat lastest entry)
that entry sempoi je,snap pic terus publish..eksited sgtlah katakan..well,dlm beta duk bergumbira ada juga rakyat beta,sahbat beta yg berdukacita. jadi,beta cuma mampu titipkan doa buat kalian semua agar perjuangan kita kelak akan dipermudahkan oleh-NYA.

civil engineering is my top and my goal after i kiskout bio and stop dreaming to be a doctor..*drop bio sebab spm result xcun,padahal boleh je nak recover balik tapi dah perpatah arang berkerat rotan dgn bio*

jadi,apa yang beta dapat inilah yang terbaik buat beta. insha'allah. walaupun bonda dan ayanhanda beta nampaknya tidak begitulah se-eksited state mcm beta sebab mereka hope beta dpt kos pendidikan. hurmmmmmmmmmm..........

sorry pa..sorry wasnt because i dont put that course into mylists,i do put it cume i have no luck to be TESL tece lah ..*mana taknyerrr,grammar pun lari lintang pukang lagi,tak berapa sihat lagi..macam mana mau ajar itu olang maa?? u tell me lah *

ape2pun..beta bersyukur sebab dpt kos yg beta mahukan and go to place that i want to go,cume bukan UTM lah's UTHM..ade H je disitu,jgn tertinggal terlepas tengok plak.

yg bestnya lagi,ramai plak sedara mara beta duduk sana,bahkan my pakcik puye bini is one of lecturers there. how ohsem is that? ohsem kan??,ade banyak tempat persinggahan! i loike loike verry the muchiee..hehe*hotel free* kuikui..^_^

and paling penting,i nak sgt gie singapure-pure..heee..seberang je tuhh..kau hado?haha..

mohle kita gie johor meh..lai lai..

ohooiiii..lupe plak,semua yg kat atas mcm lari tajuk kan?haha..well,nak main game,nak layan fb sampai tak tidur2..nak buat ape semua keja yg kreatif unik sume,inilah timenya.perfect one time i tell you,nak kurus kan badan pun cun juga sebab pahni dah kena fokus maa to study.. no more play2 around..can still play tapi kena belajar sampai score betul2 lah. kasi layan our life the UNI dgn sebaik-baiknya! make it years that can make u proud to share and storie-morie to your childs one day.

#stop here,lenguh tangan taip using only one hand,other hand pakai inai..and it's midnight already so let have some rest jum..see you next time rakyat2 ku semua!! dont miss-miss me yaaa..

=.=' perasan ada org miss kat beta..haha


Thursday, July 12, 2012


hallo there!

i just bought myself a new bracelet. it's cool because it describe me well..hehe

take a look dear ^_^

ikan = i'm pisces so ikan is my zodiac icon.

the girl = she's sweet and love beautiness,look elegant yet simple

music = music is part of me.

the lion = i used to be called as 'lion' time kecik2 dulu cause saya sangat garang..muahaha

kucing the catty = i takut kucing!

kereta biru = maybe credits to uncles taci yg bnyak bawa saya ke destinasi yg ingin dituju kot? :3

the cute exclusive car = i love this car,small but look good..classic but still have their own class..ala ala classy gitu lorh..

itu je nak share sebenarnya..

penat arini bawa cousins pusing2 area seksyen tujuh..hehe

# i'm seram sejuk already waiting for my UPU RESULT! pray for the best !

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


assalamualaikum and good evening all! 

just wanna say

#though had to re-sit it twice,hehe but at last i still passed it kan? hehe

Monday, July 9, 2012

test car

okay esok ada test car. harap2 lulus. amin!


Tadaaaa~ assalamualaikum semua!! *im happy,adrenaline ter-boost bnyak pulak.hehe

talking about addiction today. well just go to the main core,dont want to waste any of your time lah.

different people in this worls would have different thinggie that become their addiction,their passion. so do i..and my new addiction and i think it's freak one is....I JUST GO WILD TO CLEAN UP MY SPACE and i cant stop myself from thinking where to buy and how to find a good broom,dust-trapper and high quality of vacuum. haha! i just cant get alonh with hairs,dusts and all dirts that keep playing  and dancing happily infront of my eyes! RASA MCM NAK SEPAK LAJU2 SAPE YG SEPAHKAN BRG AFTER I CLEANUP ALL STUFFS..i became pelik since i always rasa *malas* nak cuci semua but when i get started, it's hard for me to stop. like being possesed gitu..ceewahhh

# you might say, eleh nak cakap diri dia rajin lah tuuu..

well.i'm not lah that RAJIN.
still gor part yg i malas yaa ampun pak nak buat thou my mum get tired enough blaberribg at me to get done that tasks :
1. lipat kain.

walawey..lipat kain memanglah bukan my faveret part.kalau boleh elak aku akan elak sehabis baik punyalah gua cakap sama lu. penat kot lipat2 kain bagai niyh. boleh cramp seminggu urat2 pinggang aku. eeeceh,ayat nak up taraf bomb bazooka je aku niyh.

#and you will definitely start to think that i'm not lipat my kainsss at college?
well, not really lah..i just gantung2 baju kurung sume with their pair and the others baju is history. muahaha. lipat tu i lipatlah,tapi jenis lipat yg cukup syarat jelahkan..nak duduk dlm almari je pun and mum wasnt there to check my wardrobe.hehe

*nanti nak lipat baju kay umah mak mertua,i lipatlah kemas2..chewahh.
(hoping that ade mesin tolong lipat baju siap2!!)


fuh fuh fuh..part niyh mmg syok kalau sape2 yg rasa nak buat sauna for free.but for me,i would say "THANKS,BUT NO THANKS!"
haha,why? it's leceh and melecehkan so that is why i prefer to wear baju yg tak perlu digosok and most of time i pi kuliah time duduk kolej dulu,i tak gosok baju..waawaa..teruk? not really i think,it's BIJAK AND SAVE MY TIME TO SLEEP MORE.

# and again,you gonna say...

err? do i care? i still look good lah weyh thou im not ironing my baju. and it not happen all the time,cume MOST OF THE TIME JEERRR..ade beza tau.

3. jemur kain di jemuran.

im tanned enough so pehlis lah dont ask me to do stuffs yg boleh menge-tanned kan lg diri i niyh..tau lah you alls jeles dgn kekiutan i..hakshakshaks. *koya sepuluh minit!

and that's all kot yg hommie-chores yg aku tak berapa gemar and sudi nak buat.hehe

so,what im trying to say here is..when we do something that we love most..we cant find a reason to avoid it and it's so irressitible. am i right? checkidout sendirilah..

tapi when it comes to job yg we dont like it much and never like it..we hardly do it with full of perfection and always comeup with ideas to escape from it. ahah! again,im right kan?

tell you that im a pychic.haha..joking!

my advice before i say goodbye,


# always want to have cool gadjets that can helps me settle down my tasks1

Saturday, July 7, 2012

say hi to MISS p !

taaadaa~ i'm back..wootwoot..
assalamualaikum..jawab2,nanti dapat pahala tau..hehe

miss P say `hi`..and korang mesti rasa sape ntah miss P tu?

well well well..let me give you a clue. miss P always come once a month to pay her visit,never missed it i tell you except for some girls yg ade masalah lah did you get the answer already?

ahah! for this entry..khas dibuat for you ladies!!! so boys,closed your tab now..ahakz!

#kidding lah..boys nak baca boleh tapi niat biar betul lah kan..take it as one of ilmu baru,ok?^_^

miss P, sahabat karib wanita..or more to sister like..almost every single girls in this world would have their crazy mood swing during this period of time. ME TOO! no exceptional kecuali to married one,when you got pregnant,the miss P dumped you and will be good to you back after 9 months later..haha!

when the  miss P come,everything seems undone..semua mcm serba serbi tak kena..and how to handle it?

ahah! let see what i get that can help you out there to be happy while having the miss P day visit..weee~

the masalah yang timbul :

lazimnya,aku selalu rasa panas,rimas and tak selesa satu badan..rasa gatal sangat.berpeluh-peluh walhal tak main panas pun.

then aku selalu je emosi tak stabil sikit..macam drama queen sikitlah..mudah berubah2 mengiktu kondisi gitu..cewahhh..

setakat niyh, itu jelah hal yg aku tak berapa nak gemar sgt..*im not complaining,just want to share je..hekhek

so..the walawey solution..

drasticly taking bath lelama yg mungkin! rasa mcm nak duduk dlm toilet with shower on. hohoho..biar menggigil sume baru keluar..

to sibu,sorry lah selalu marah2 tak pakai signal sume and always make you feel terrible horrible sume ble ble lah kan..mood swing..wakaka {told you to be aware of it}

memanglah swinging mood niyh danger a.k.a poisonous..kalau terFIRE kat orang yg tak tau kita tgh dilanda demam mai melancong seminngu with miss P confirm kena bom bazooka balik.

apa?? tak percaya,trylah buat..cari one of your fren yg baran time miss P mai melawat,then hang takdaq angin takdaq ribut pi duk sembur dia,tengok pi dia marah ke tidak..haha

and last but not least..*gaya mcm nak tulis esei plak kan..heh -.-'...

aku suke lah bersukan beriadah ber-mengeluarkan peluh time miss P mai..memglah setakat tu pakat dok kata
" hang gila apa? hang tak takut pipe leakage ka??" pipe leakage??
 alaaa awat hangpa slow tenet loading poor sgt niyh..BOCOQ LAh pipe leakage tuh..aku saja ja nak bagi gempaq sikit..hampeh lah hangpa sume ni. fail betoi..

aku suke bersukan bukan apa..bila bersukan,bloods flow lawa cramp perut sume i tell you..trylah sekali tengok..and it actually can help to boost yr adrenaline and reduce yr tendency to have a bad mood day when the miss P say hi..

itu jelah yg aku nak share.

ingat noo~ tak semestinya hangpa duk mai miss P tak boleh nak buat ibadah,solat baca quran mmg sah lah tak boleh..tapi hangpa sume termasuk cheq niyh boleh lg duk berzikir tambah2 pahala..yelah,kita hidup tatau sampai bila.ntah esok ntah lusa dah jalan bekal bawa sikit ja..malu weyh!!

so..renung2kanlah and take this free time {when miss P say hi} to muhasabah diri and be better person than yesterday. human can change it just you willing to take the risk or not.

# miss P say hi to me now and come for her july visit..
#told you that this entry khas buat pompuan ja,yg hang laki duk baca buatpa?ish ish ish..

#real notakaki : banyakkanlah bersabar,we as girls are unique and the P visit is special. and saja ja gedik nak tulis dlm loghat utara. kalau salah maaplah ye..hehe

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ustazah gitu~

People don't come into your life by accident. Everyone that crosses your path serves a purpose.

#seronok mengajar. ustazah gitu..hehe

today is tuesday,second day of teaching at sri al-munawarrah school (sek ren agama).
everything run smoothly yet no problems. cume on the first day, quite a haru-biru for me cause i have no idea which class should i go first *have no jadual lah*

but then,i can handle it well..mula2 nak masuk mengajar tuh,gementar lah juga..though mereka2 just a little kiddos but still lah kan,they're my students and i dont want to teach something not good for them.ahaksz!

mula2 masuk tuh,i kena ajar bahasa arab +sirah = tahun1 and tahun 2. okaylah.simple thinggies je..

cume adelah few parts yg slack sikit.

situations pertama:

me: introduce myself sume..
kiddos : bagi salam and started to introduce themselves as i told them  to do so

after tanya sampai mana dorang belajar sume..and do some of revision..i start to teach new lesson for that day lah kan..
 and now the jokes came..(hahaha)

tengah2 syok mengajar tuh..the last paragraph i dont know the meaning of *tasbahu*...panic a while. 

me : err...tasbahu means..errr..boleh tak ustazah kiv dulu part nih? *sambil belek2 page belakang dgn harapan adalah klu or some graphics that can help me on that tough time,huhu..sadly i soooo gabra until i can see anything there. 
well today i know means = berenang..hehe,swimming. tau x?

okaylah sume..dah habis mengajar,time to give some works..siap bagi sume latihan tu..i told them if there's any questions dont feel shy or scared to come see me and ask me. 

-.-'...TIBA the saspen come..

kiddos : ustazah ustazah..kenapa ek mata ustazah lain dari kitorg sume *i'm wearing contact lens,grey colour*
             mata kami sume wane hitam ustazah je lain..
me : lah..nak taye tu ke? *dlm hati ingat nak taye soalan apelah tadi..hehehe..ustazah pakai contact lens..and they all look blurrss..

#jaw dropped..haha

kiddos: ouh..ustazah pakai contact lens..angguk2..

then they all start talking to themselves,CONTACT LENS TU APE EK?asking their friends yg sama2 tatau!!..SOH SEH SOH SEH..

me, dalam hati rasa mcm nak gelak guling2..tapi cover macholah of course..haha..

then, masa kedua pulak..
different class lah plak~

the kiddos ask the same quest..why my eyes look differ fro  they all, and they ask me ..

ustazah ustazah..ustazah omputih ke?? *the another quest yg buat i rasa nak gelak hentak2 kaki guling2..

*camne nak jadi omputih if i not that (white)..alahai budak budak..they're soo innocentlah i tell you..kuikuikui..

and once again..i let them terpinga2..cakap i pakai contact lens but dorang still didnt get's okaylah kiddos..your time will come nanti..

and many more happened,time amali solat i teached them the meanings of surah al-fatiha in here it is...



# i have a very hard time just to write this entry,and probs nak tulis post..huhu..nasib baik boleh juga at last..

Friday, June 22, 2012


assalamualaikum semua!!! smile wide ^___^

masya-allah..berkepok-kepok sudah my blog nie..i'm sorry. i'm just too busy adapting myself here

dear awak..
everything going well here. i have learned so many things..ada yang i already know and also new stuffs.
i still have grandpa and i have to show them my love and care when they're still means nothing if they're gone..i want to give them my services when they still can hear me..look at me..i do heart them. deeply love..

it's true sometimes i felt rimas semua when they start to talk on something i never want to know or keep on repeating the same issues but when i re-think,i just let it long could i have to spend just to listen to them..sebab they will not be here any longer.. sahuta Illahi yang menjemput pergi pasti akan muncul jua cume detik sahaja yang tidak kita ketahui..oleh sebab itulah kita perlu sentiasa bersedia..

no one know that i have a problems to handle my emotions when it comes to my bad day..i tend to pissed off so easy and i hardly focus on what i'm doing on that moments..sometimes i just ignore all to calm down myself..because i'm used to be a hot-tempered person. i'm sorry for that.

i copied some of recipes to my own collections and to my fture hubby..hehe. penat? memanglah penat but still have to go thru, sebab? i want to please my parents..they sacrificed a lot for me.

dear awak,

kalau ikutkan hati, i want to write more..telling what i do feel inside..spread my thought semua tapi it's too publis..let the iasan words play it role..

pictures also can tell their stories..

but,unfortunely time so jealous with me right now..
need own space to write..

#in someone's room and using her lappy..rasa kurang enak,so i have to go.
promise you that i'll make it clear and tell the first till the last day when i'm here.

(24/6/2012) bangi here come!!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


deeply frustated! kecewa..A BIG KECEWA!!

at last, i know the truth and the answer for the big WHY that always haunted me and the reason why i can't let you go(forget you) before this,it  is because the BIG,i start to really get rid of you in my mind..i'allah i can!!..seeing you already warmly welcome into that girl life and how you treat her well..i can't go far..she's the one that you've met her parents,be a imam for her brothers..all the promises that i hold tightly before,it's gone already..tq mr.ribut..for that girl,please take care of him,i do love him till now and he's your him for me..

no wonder why yr siblings is so into her..the dreams to open restaurant together,declared the bond that we've when i am 20 is all lie..a big lie..

*tibe2 teringat waktu sweet moment with you dulu..start with go tuition together,lend you my books....have chit-chat in my house with my parents give me a teddy *i love you*..chocs bar on my birthday..jogging together..played badminton together..and so many things..tq for the love that you give me even it's not-last till akad..the attentions,advises,and your cares and your love..

#thank you mr. ribut a.k.a my mr.saser..a.k.a my nextdoor boy.
for him that used to be my A.