Saturday, January 28, 2012

boyfie~ need it or nope?

hallo guys...salam sejahtera semua..hehe

boyfriend..teman lelaki..kawan lelaki..perlu atau tidak?

well...for me..PERLU untuk keseimbangan hidup..but the special one? do i need one? hurmmm...let see


why? because i do have tonnes of them actually..sahabat lelaki yang menyayangi diri ini apa adanya..i have two dearest awesome guys in my life..both are my bestie..MOHD AFHAM AIZAT MOHD ZAMANI..
we've been friend from standard 3 and still counting..i pray that our friendship will last long till jannah..i do love him..i can shares my problems with him..i can laughs and cries and  go crazie when i with him *tak perlu nak cover cover bagai* hehe

and with him (MOHD AMIRUL SYAFIQ) i can sreaming aloud!! and he'll be there listen to me..he actually my best buddies..we shares our problems together..many outsider misunderstood with our relationship.but HEY THERE..WE'RE JUST FRIEND OKAY? FEEL FREE TO TACKLE HIM CAUSE HE'S NOT MINE PUN..HAHAHAHA....*lagi pun i dah tahu baik buruk dia..tak mahu lah dekat dia*

kihkihkihkih....other than that..i do have two big brothers yang sangat sangat penyabar dengan my kerenah yang macam macam niyh...hehe..ABG RUSYDI aka MY ANNOYING SWEETALKER COUSIN and MY ABG WAN..abg senior smkj3..hehe..both of them ada keunikan diorang tersendiri..

whenever i felt down..abg wan always there to give me advises thru his own experience *especially in study * yelah...mau tak stress dgn exam semua kan..and

to be continued lah....nak kena gi kenduri kawin plak...bye2

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