Monday, April 30, 2012

welcome back home!

hey there buddies!!
 Alhamdullilah,after a year struggling up down been through 1001 obstacles i finally finished it up with a wide smile! give me a big applause please..hehe

it's already 2 days at home and i still do NADA..nothing..ZERO!

i do have my checklist what i want to do right after my pspm is over but i always feel lazy enough to kick my ass and work for it..bad for huh?

one of the most important things i want to achieve before i hit the books again are:

  1. get rid of excessive fats on my body!! HAHAHA..*WITH EVIL LAUGH*
  2. Do some make over to my dustie oldie style bedroom into new fresh look..HEHE wish me luck because i hve tonnes of bags to be settle and thousands of clothes to be store away..(sapa mau blhlah pm ye) haha
  3. want to update my blog more often with beneficial infos for reminder for sure
  4. go to village and take care of my nanny for awhile...then i will not be able to updating my status..hukhukhuk
  5. want to repair my toilet...jadi plumber sebentar
  6. last but not least!! want to cook...i want to master as many as i can *dishes* 
by checking out my tahap kerajinan...eiyh eisyh...mcm payah betul nak capai my goal..hahaha..hurm hurm..malah my bedroom still have no positive progress yet...teruk gilers..

moh le kita ramai2 doakan agar misi ku kali ini akan tercapai..i'll update few pics before and after i do the cleanup..stay tune ya?? 

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