Friday, June 22, 2012


assalamualaikum semua!!! smile wide ^___^

masya-allah..berkepok-kepok sudah my blog nie..i'm sorry. i'm just too busy adapting myself here

dear awak..
everything going well here. i have learned so many things..ada yang i already know and also new stuffs.
i still have grandpa and i have to show them my love and care when they're still means nothing if they're gone..i want to give them my services when they still can hear me..look at me..i do heart them. deeply love..

it's true sometimes i felt rimas semua when they start to talk on something i never want to know or keep on repeating the same issues but when i re-think,i just let it long could i have to spend just to listen to them..sebab they will not be here any longer.. sahuta Illahi yang menjemput pergi pasti akan muncul jua cume detik sahaja yang tidak kita ketahui..oleh sebab itulah kita perlu sentiasa bersedia..

no one know that i have a problems to handle my emotions when it comes to my bad day..i tend to pissed off so easy and i hardly focus on what i'm doing on that moments..sometimes i just ignore all to calm down myself..because i'm used to be a hot-tempered person. i'm sorry for that.

i copied some of recipes to my own collections and to my fture hubby..hehe. penat? memanglah penat but still have to go thru, sebab? i want to please my parents..they sacrificed a lot for me.

dear awak,

kalau ikutkan hati, i want to write more..telling what i do feel inside..spread my thought semua tapi it's too publis..let the iasan words play it role..

pictures also can tell their stories..

but,unfortunely time so jealous with me right now..
need own space to write..

#in someone's room and using her lappy..rasa kurang enak,so i have to go.
promise you that i'll make it clear and tell the first till the last day when i'm here.

(24/6/2012) bangi here come!!!!