Wednesday, August 1, 2012

budak2 comel behind the scene!

when I was in matric, me and some of my friends decided to enter one competition,it's talent time. we had so much fun! Laughters,enjoys and conflicts a bit but we managed to go through with it extremely heaven!

Watching this video again,make me smile widely. It make me realised how I missed this moment and I miss you guys. All of you P7! I'm so glad to be a part of your life stories and the time that we spent together. With deep love,here I attached the video to share it with all,to flashback how much we had fun there. It's a history now. I'm sad knowing the fact that we all will not be sitting together,learn new stuffs and all but I'm happy to all us and I always pray the best for every single of you in journey to creating and fulfil our dreams!

budak budak comel team

the first saringan video


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