Saturday, September 22, 2012

percaturan hidup

assalamualaikum peeps!

sejak dah masuk alam universiti nih..i'm quite busy nak meng-update this blog. penat! tonnes of assignment and lots of activities yg mcm takkan pernah habis.

all about MHS week let it be history. too long too share too much too say. =.='
now it's already 3 weeks i'm here. UTHM!

wow..cepatkan masa berlalu?

for this semester yuni ambil 18 kredits. allsubject is awesome except for KOKO. Yuni dh tersalah select palapes and now i'm really regret about it. i fail myself to submit the docs neede,fail myself to go to the interview session semua but i went to ujian fizikal. penat woo~

why i choose palapes at first?

well..i choose palapes sebab i want to stay in hostel. tamau duduk rumah sewa on the 2nd year and the rest year. tapi..i make a wrong decision. serabot sangat rasa. bila pi dekat pusat koko tu, abg tu cakap koko can't be drop or insert/delete semua. but i macam risaulah kan..what about my kredit hour then?

tataulah nak buat mcm mana..i refused nak share masalah ni kat my parents..nanti diorang risau. serabot sgt..

jealous tak masuk keusahawanan or other koko yg nmpak mcm best sgt2..huhuhuhu...

oh ayuni. what have you done?
once i see my friends ramai je kenal senior..rasa mcm jealous kot. at least they people to refer to or to ask for buku lama2 semua. haishh..i feel different.

dahla time masuk sini rasa eksited takde langsung. dh mcm hilang deria hilang semangat je aku ni.

ya allah! please help me figure out my probs here.

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