Thursday, November 29, 2012

down..too deep

hi here and there!

i called mymum just now and she was so excited telling me about sending my sister and younger brother to KUIS and i just like..what? the environment there is soooo like an university and they both are so fortunate to get in there. imma so jealous right now. ughhh~

my tears just want to go out once my younger sister talking about her going to finish her hafazan of 30 juzu' insha'allah by this end of the year. i envy you lah angah!

and she want to pursuing her studies abroad and i like seriously you want to leave me here?  im still in Malaysia furthering my study but you will simply get a place to further yr study in overseas? ouch..that's hurt. why lah you got so many advantages compare to me angah?

as a big sister..yes i'm jealous with you. for me, you're such a good child for papa and ummi while me is a chaos.

I failed to make my parents proud of me during my spm..during my matric and i just failed to get a course that they wanted me to be. am i a loser? hopefully i'm not but i cant lie myself that i'm not a good childs for my parents. or maybe yes i'm just a loser.
how worse it could be?

i just realised that my adik adik have grown up so damn fast! i'm scared. hell yeah..why?

because it's such an indicator to me that i'm getting parents too..time that i've got is almost reach to the end. am i well-prepared to the hereafter? frankly speakin' im not. damn scary meh.

nothing to share,xoxo


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

NEVER scrolled down!

ahah! hi and assalamualaikum semua~~

apa khabar? me,here..alhamdullilah sihat! syukur masih dipanjangkan umur untuk terus bernafas di atas muka bumi-Nya ini. syukran Ya Rabbi!!

well well well..i woke up early in the morning today. settle-down some of my chores like jemur-ing kain..basuh-ing and kemas-ing katil like usually laj]h kan. #dayyum all things pun kau nak letak -ing kan? over tau!

haha,gedik me. So after i done handling that urgh--urghh works lah kan..i start to hit the power button of my lappy  waiting for an orange page appear (uthm portal login) and hell yeah i click on blogger dashboards and reviews all the posts that i've been publish. It's hilarious men! kelakar serious i tak tipu. It showed me how immature i used to be before~~

#sekarang mature sangatkah?

nope really but i learned how to be RATIONAL. it make sense kan?

my promises :

1. wanna create or re-new my blog
2. this is my blog my space so it's up to me to style it in what theme okay?

hahaha..i gotta go now..class waiting for me and i've to refresh myself and be ready to class.

bye-bye friendylicious !!



new alert!

i'm not any longer a student but i'm an athlete student. i'm now totally will go through my life a bit differ from others. Isn't because i'm a weirdo okay? tapi sebab pengorbanan komitmen dan disiplin yang tinggi itu penting dalam mencapai impian. A SCHOLARSHIP!!

i'm positive and looking forward to get it no matter how hard it could be. A strong faith and strong  believing in ME allow me to prove that i can be the best and beat the rest. INSHA'ALLAH!!

do you ever have an idea how awesome an athelete life is?

we get sponsored from head-2-toe uolls. Our kebajikan di jaga rapi and will be given  an exclusive care from upline (the authorities) hahaha~ that's make me feel awesome.Everyone envy you and want your life.

but there's a story behind all the glamorous appearances.

The difficulties and how we overcome our nafs and struggle up and down and stay calm in worse conditions
is another story. A hidden secret that no one want to know about that. Uncountable of tears,broken-hearted moments, cut here and there is just a flavour in our circle of life. The sweetnest of glory will be the same if there's no hardness,sadness and all the ness ness one la. Did you get what i'm trying to point out here??

That's why SPORT AND ME will never can be tear-up. long-life for sport!! Majulah sukan untuk negara!



Wednesday, November 21, 2012

eazie-wezie talk

ohh hi peeps! assalamualaikum~~

arakian lama sudah beta tidak menuliskan. rindu beta tak ?


sebelum beta sempoi-sempoi bercerita tentang hal-hal yang berlaku keatas diri beta, dengan rendah hati dan dukacitanya beta ingin mengkhabarkan bahawa :


oklah..itu cume permulaan story je.. kalau di hitung2 cerita yang ingin di kongsi bersama rakyat jelata semua mmg rasa takkan habis. sebab banyak sangat daa~

beta cuit-cuit sana sini sikitla ye yang mana beta rasa perlu dan beta ingat.

1st :
 minggu lepas was my doom week. Once i woke up, i suddenly felt annoyed to almost everybody around me. i got mad and pissed off easily. NEVER BEHAVE LIKE THAT BEFORE melainkan there's something bothering me and i can't figured it out.

so i'm sorry for those people yang kena fire sembur dengan beta tempoh hari. all the harsh words not really came from my heart. My mind and my manners on that particular day didn't worked well. hoho

2nd :


beta cukup-cukup berbulu mata when i see sekelompok manusia yang macam tak ada sikap awareness in their life ini. After makan,can you please help those working people with put yr dirty plate into the pail provided? No harm at all. it's not about tugas-tugas angkat pinggan ni tugas makcik makcik kafe but it's reflects our manner. LAGIPUN, THE BESEN DAH DISEDIAKAN.

3rd :

test week! what a hectic moment ever! during test week memanglah banyak betul temptation yang datang menggoda nafsu untuk tidak belajar. Walhal bila time free free tak pula rasa macam nak buat all craps stuffs tu semua. haiyyaa!

but but but~~ alhamdullilah, i proud to myself because i'm not blank like before
 (1st time ambil test in degree)means i have ideas on how to tackle that questions.

hopefully i can do better for my final. INSHA' ALLAH.
#struggle hard, insha'allah it'll pay off.

right after i done my test semalam.. i terus je beli selendang tudung. so below is the attachment of pics yang tengah perasan. harap maklum..TENGAH PERASAN!!

hehe ^_^