Wednesday, November 28, 2012

NEVER scrolled down!

ahah! hi and assalamualaikum semua~~

apa khabar? me,here..alhamdullilah sihat! syukur masih dipanjangkan umur untuk terus bernafas di atas muka bumi-Nya ini. syukran Ya Rabbi!!

well well well..i woke up early in the morning today. settle-down some of my chores like jemur-ing kain..basuh-ing and kemas-ing katil like usually laj]h kan. #dayyum all things pun kau nak letak -ing kan? over tau!

haha,gedik me. So after i done handling that urgh--urghh works lah kan..i start to hit the power button of my lappy  waiting for an orange page appear (uthm portal login) and hell yeah i click on blogger dashboards and reviews all the posts that i've been publish. It's hilarious men! kelakar serious i tak tipu. It showed me how immature i used to be before~~

#sekarang mature sangatkah?

nope really but i learned how to be RATIONAL. it make sense kan?

my promises :

1. wanna create or re-new my blog
2. this is my blog my space so it's up to me to style it in what theme okay?

hahaha..i gotta go now..class waiting for me and i've to refresh myself and be ready to class.

bye-bye friendylicious !!



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