Wednesday, November 28, 2012

new alert!

i'm not any longer a student but i'm an athlete student. i'm now totally will go through my life a bit differ from others. Isn't because i'm a weirdo okay? tapi sebab pengorbanan komitmen dan disiplin yang tinggi itu penting dalam mencapai impian. A SCHOLARSHIP!!

i'm positive and looking forward to get it no matter how hard it could be. A strong faith and strong  believing in ME allow me to prove that i can be the best and beat the rest. INSHA'ALLAH!!

do you ever have an idea how awesome an athelete life is?

we get sponsored from head-2-toe uolls. Our kebajikan di jaga rapi and will be given  an exclusive care from upline (the authorities) hahaha~ that's make me feel awesome.Everyone envy you and want your life.

but there's a story behind all the glamorous appearances.

The difficulties and how we overcome our nafs and struggle up and down and stay calm in worse conditions
is another story. A hidden secret that no one want to know about that. Uncountable of tears,broken-hearted moments, cut here and there is just a flavour in our circle of life. The sweetnest of glory will be the same if there's no hardness,sadness and all the ness ness one la. Did you get what i'm trying to point out here??

That's why SPORT AND ME will never can be tear-up. long-life for sport!! Majulah sukan untuk negara!



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