Sunday, December 16, 2012

why why why ?????

well hello there!

currently, i'm writing this at my home. home sweet home.
 it's fun to be home but sedikit bosan pun ada juga seems i have no ideas what to do *suruh study tak mahu

so, i started to scrolling up till down my tweeter TL..stalking others people profile in FB..hoho

and i suddenly realised that, i have things that i want to have and i can't..something yang macam sesuatu yang tak pernak dan tak akan menjadi realiti i guess.

contohnya :

aku nak jadi TINGGI. like tall as a model. so i will look good in every attires that i wear. look naise.

And i seriously want to be fair *white

because people always claimed that people *women with white fair skin is beatifull..
dah aku yang gelap nih acano? look at those non-blinkings eyes when they see women that is TALL,WHITE..terus ada hati nak ngorat..terus nak bb pin lah num hp lah bagai.. kami yang gelap2 manis ni di pandang sepi je *kecik hati i nokks *

when u're short, u people macam invisible gituh..macam be neglect pon hado.

so today, i just nak lists all thing that i diden loike about myself..abt me,abt my body abt everythings lahh

1. if you asked me which parts of my body that i hate most?
firstly goes to my legs!

then my big PEHA yang ayam drumstick ni hah,i look so ugly in jeans okay. that's suck! and also in skirts because of my big butt. haishh

and i hate hairs dekat my upper lips. nampak macam i ade moustache. haishh

i'm short and i'm flabby. i felt so terrible.

sometimes i just felt unkonfiden with my body. i hate at time that i have to decide what kind of dress that would probably looks greats on me. so tiring okay. and yes i hate to dress for night event. always make me felt bad abt myself. not all baju can't suit me well.

baju dah lawa,but when i put it on. i look totally loser. macam clown okay. sebb all naise dresses selalu designed for tall people. *benci !

and it's hard for me to feel good and looks stunning if i didn't felt like one. people told you that you looking great and whatsoever tapi it's only you know whats looks good on you because sometimes they're such a big liars. they diden want you to look better than him/her or them. haishhh

whylah i can't have long clean legs with flawless white skin?

i'm not try to say that i'm not grateful of what i have now tpi this is just persoalan yang acapkali bermain di minda.


cume meluahkan je.



Wednesday, December 12, 2012

maria elena + asfirdaus!

assalamualaikum and hi there!

fuuhh fuhh..i'm so freakin eksaited knowing that maria elena and asfirdaus getting married by this end of dec. Ya Allah, i'm so happy for them. alhamdullilah!

uolls tau tak,i've been followed her life journey, love life through her blog since i was in form 2 ok. so, no wonder lah if i can get this extra rembesan adrenaline hormone here. Sometimes there's a something that we can't expressed through words. just like now..even though this is soo not my BIG DAY tapi i'm so eksaited and totally happy okay.
#like it is my BIG DAY

AWESOMENESS moment ever!

just looked at her teaser pre-wed video.

why i adore her?

firstly that you have to know that, she's the one that actually motivate me to pursuing my  studies in ENGINEERING fields instead of my papa.

2. and she's the one why i applied UTP right after i finished my school.

# it doesn't means that i want to copycat her. NO! but it just her that inspired me. A big thanks to you big sista MARIA ELENA!

besides that, the way she present herself in public is so cool. the way she get dressed and i love to read her entry. Sounds so honest and readable. i means it's fun to be read. Used to read her blog when i'm bored and stucked up in bad air. (bad mood)

the transformation of her is totally awesome too..from one that doesn't  completely covered her body, she started to change into a better person. fully-covered but still owned her style.

insha'allah, i aimed to be better person to. pray for me and yes to you to my dear friends.

maybe this will be out of tune a little but i hoping that my life is better as her.

I have faith that Allah knows better what good for me. so keep enlighten our days by worshipping HIM.



Saturday, December 8, 2012


assalamualaikum and hi there!

excident? it's me.

last 2 day ago, i kena langgar motor. #malang tak berbau

i on my way to go back to my college. then there's a big stone in front of me and i tried to avoid that and i pun masuklah kat bahu jalan #bahu jalan dia sgt tinggi,tak tipu

and on that moments i  tengah cycling kat kawasan tanah yang berbatu batu kecil tuh..once i tried to elak that batu, ade one motorcycle terkezut agaknya tgok i, he lost his control and bumped into me. kedebushh!!!

i pun flung away into the main road while that boy #yang takde lesen tak pakai helmet terseret ke bahu jalan .

Allah is The Almighty!! alhamdullilah my umur is still panjang. nasib baik all the lorries and cars semua masih jauh di belakang and all those vehicles sempat slow down. syukur syukur!

seriously i memang kaget sangat time tuh..nasib baik my friend *syarafina was there with me. Dialah yang kol her member ambil i and straight away pergi pku. huhuhuhu....

i injured kat pinggang and celah paha.. habis lebam lebam satu badan. biru sana sini uolls.

that boy asked me ganti rugi rm200 padahal it's not my faults pun. iyelah, he bumped me at the back ad he had no license and no helmet okay! haishhh...bengang bengang!!

while me get no money pun ..alasan sebb mine is just a bicycle. bicycle pun,aku gune bicycle mahal bro..kerosakkan aku nampak mcm sikit but it cost me rm200++ kot..

due to that, mymum asked me to but a new bicycle. NO MORE FIXIE! eurghhhh!!

#left : fivie ku yang tinggal kenangan

#right : my new bicycle

haishhh..before the excident happened, i baru je pi upgrade my bicycle. i changed my tyre with a new good quality of tyres and changed my handled and add up the kangaroos. tup tup..tak sampai about an hour pun i excident. tragis sungguh you!

i'm seriously quite traumatised and quite pissed off with that boy. urghh!

wanna see my bruises and cuts?

take a look>>



Wednesday, December 5, 2012

super scary

assalamualaikum and hi there!

okay..the story begins like this.

last night, there's a number. unknown number tetibe whatapps i..and i thought it was one of my friends so i like tanya lah kan who is this semua.

and he's so eksaited when i replied his text. siap cakap i ade bertentangan mata bagai dgn i. dush! celah mana aku pandang dia pun tatau lah.


his way, on how he tried to approach me macam extreme sangatlah..i tak suke!

soryy dude. i love to play hard.

and i'm sorry, i may not into you.  you be friend dgn i gune kaedah yang salah.




Tuesday, December 4, 2012

is MR.RIGHT ever exist?

assalamualaikum and hi hi prengs!!

at last, semalam selesai lah sudah all test 2 for all subjects. just waiting for final and i'm on my way to prepare myself for it.

#wish me luck,ahaks!

did i told you that i was like ade crush into this hot guy? i called him galah. we've been barely talked quite sometimes. until lah kan 1 day tu, i read about an article

# if you missed someone, put yr hand on yr heart and recite al-fatihah. insha'allah he/she will feel it.

and suprisingly yes, i did that!

i seru nama dia for 3 times and start reciting al-fatihah. for 3 days and suddenly on the 3rd day, he gimme a text. and i was sooo damn eksaited lah kan. but i tatau lah ape masalah dgn i ni, once org tu dh start texting i bagai, i plak yg ego. jual mahal kononnya. eurghh!

gedix kan?

whatsoever lah..i dunt care. what is in my mind now, i start to melt with adi. the one that i met at tennis court. i guess he's already taken but yeah..for me,dia mcm so into me. dia can get into my flows. i loike that. huhu~~

not many guys can handle me well. eventhou he's so not memenuhi my ideal guy puye criteria..but he got something that buat me tertarik. lalalala~

# am i angau already with him? idk. tappi yg i tau, i mmg tak suke bila ade girl ber-tweet2 dgn dia.. ber-hashtag2 dgn dia.. super jealous okay!

tapi tak bitau dia lah kan..malu lah i nnty. hoohoo