Tuesday, December 4, 2012

is MR.RIGHT ever exist?

assalamualaikum and hi hi prengs!!

at last, semalam selesai lah sudah all test 2 for all subjects. just waiting for final and i'm on my way to prepare myself for it.

#wish me luck,ahaks!

did i told you that i was like ade crush into this hot guy? i called him galah. we've been barely talked quite sometimes. until lah kan 1 day tu, i read about an article

# if you missed someone, put yr hand on yr heart and recite al-fatihah. insha'allah he/she will feel it.

and suprisingly yes, i did that!

i seru nama dia for 3 times and start reciting al-fatihah. for 3 days and suddenly on the 3rd day, he gimme a text. and i was sooo damn eksaited lah kan. but i tatau lah ape masalah dgn i ni, once org tu dh start texting i bagai, i plak yg ego. jual mahal kononnya. eurghh!

gedix kan?

whatsoever lah..i dunt care. what is in my mind now, i start to melt with adi. the one that i met at tennis court. i guess he's already taken but yeah..for me,dia mcm so into me. dia can get into my flows. i loike that. huhu~~

not many guys can handle me well. eventhou he's so not memenuhi my ideal guy puye criteria..but he got something that buat me tertarik. lalalala~

# am i angau already with him? idk. tappi yg i tau, i mmg tak suke bila ade girl ber-tweet2 dgn dia.. ber-hashtag2 dgn dia.. super jealous okay!

tapi tak bitau dia lah kan..malu lah i nnty. hoohoo




  1. Replies
    1. hahaha...blajo ahh ni~~ lalalala..cuci mata je baru

  2. Sounds sweet. Don't make it bitter though.
    If your best friend tells you to forget that special someone, would you listen to them or listen to your heart?

    1. of course and for sure i would listen to my heart