Wednesday, December 12, 2012

maria elena + asfirdaus!

assalamualaikum and hi there!

fuuhh fuhh..i'm so freakin eksaited knowing that maria elena and asfirdaus getting married by this end of dec. Ya Allah, i'm so happy for them. alhamdullilah!

uolls tau tak,i've been followed her life journey, love life through her blog since i was in form 2 ok. so, no wonder lah if i can get this extra rembesan adrenaline hormone here. Sometimes there's a something that we can't expressed through words. just like now..even though this is soo not my BIG DAY tapi i'm so eksaited and totally happy okay.
#like it is my BIG DAY

AWESOMENESS moment ever!

just looked at her teaser pre-wed video.

why i adore her?

firstly that you have to know that, she's the one that actually motivate me to pursuing my  studies in ENGINEERING fields instead of my papa.

2. and she's the one why i applied UTP right after i finished my school.

# it doesn't means that i want to copycat her. NO! but it just her that inspired me. A big thanks to you big sista MARIA ELENA!

besides that, the way she present herself in public is so cool. the way she get dressed and i love to read her entry. Sounds so honest and readable. i means it's fun to be read. Used to read her blog when i'm bored and stucked up in bad air. (bad mood)

the transformation of her is totally awesome too..from one that doesn't  completely covered her body, she started to change into a better person. fully-covered but still owned her style.

insha'allah, i aimed to be better person to. pray for me and yes to you to my dear friends.

maybe this will be out of tune a little but i hoping that my life is better as her.

I have faith that Allah knows better what good for me. so keep enlighten our days by worshipping HIM.



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