Saturday, February 11, 2012

messy crumpy

erghh..muscle pain for 2 days. hurting much. hiaahhh..exhausted..i'm dying here. dealing with human need to play with emotions..the one and the only key to success is PATIENT! bersabar.itu sahaja..

people teasing around..ignored them.people making you mad,smile BIG.
psstt : i hate when people doesn't ask my permission to sit on my bed. i quite perfectionist about my *kekemasan* katil and my place so i cant stand to see any dusts and craps rubbish around my place. HOPING THAT PEOPLE DO UNDERSTAND THAT...I'M TIRED OF TIDYING MYBED AND SWEPT THE FLOOR EVERYDAY.. people please be more considerate and aware toward your surrounding and someone's attitude..dont think that others are like you. i nagging here because i cant said it loud *there*..i need my space..and i'm suffered! abdomen sakit nak me..ouh tummy,jgnlah gastric lg dah..please sgt2!!