Wednesday, May 2, 2012

dare to dream BIG!

Assalamualaikum guys!

recently...hujan lebat betul! kilat sabung-menyabung bagai tiada tanda untuk berhenti..terus berdentum umpama  mengisytiharkan perang..someone has told me,hujan yang disertai kilat sabung-menyabung menandakan DIA sedang marah dan menghapuskan anasir2 luar yang jahat..
              yakni syaitan itu adalah musuhmu yang nyata
banyak sungguh maksiat yang berleluasa sekarang ini kan? gerun pula hati yuni bila melihatkan situasi ini semua..harap harap diri ini dan sahabat diluar sana sentiasa dalam perlindungan dan rahmat-Nya.

WELL..back to our story here..dare to dream big.
everyone have a dream i guess,do u have one? because i have tonnes of dreams..
oh yaa..(saya sebenarnya tengah curi tulang sebentar from finishing my mom's stuffs)
hehe..ok,cut it off..let's share a lilttle dreams of mine..

when i was in elementary school,i always want to get into boarding school and i actually get an offered but my parents didnt allowed me to go an obedient child,i couldnt say "no" regret.

why?? as i grew up..stayed at home to be with family is the best part father used to say this to me when i started to bring it up why i couldnt go there(school) padahal my others friends can?

papa said " kak, masa kakak sekolah ni  jelah awak boleh sama-sama dengan papa dan ummi..if kakak sekolah asrama..masa kakak dengan keluarga akan terhad..lepas kakak habis sekolah u'll surely masuk asrama to further your study,then graduate..get a job..get married then move out from this house to start your own life..u'll not longer stay under one roof with do appreciate the moments that you have with us..your family..kita tak tau bila dan siapa yang akan pergi dulu..whether is me(papa),ummi or you? jadi hargailah setiap saat dan setiap detik anda bersama kami"

so,the rest is history..i never bring it up again..

when i was 16-17..i have dream..a really big further my study in overseas..menjadi musafir..menimba ilmu di negara asing..many of my cousins manage to get a place there and also my friends not qualified enough..i never stopped dreaming that one day i also will go there..maybe i'll take a different path..not like the others..^_^ (who knows what happen next right?)

am i sad? yes a bit..i'm sad because i dont give 100% my efforts to grab my goals..i didnt well performed during my SPM..but still,no regret! BECAUSE HE KNOWS THE BEST FOR ME..
maybe it's not the time yet..or maybe i'll turned up to be big headed person if i get what i want..or maybe he want me to sabar more and keep continuing make doa towards HIM... target is to help my parents as much as i can (sementara nyawa masih ada) and menabur bakti towards my grandpa and grandma...i want to make them see their smile is a blessing to me..

O Allah, do give me strength to do what is the best for me the right path with your guidelines..

as i still alive..i wont stop dreaming and trying my best to achieve it as long as that dreams arent not a (ntahahape) punye dream..

so..dare to dream big buddies!! be yourself is the one like your true colours..make them (this world)  realise of your regret of what have been done in the past..all happened have reasons and it's up to us to find what it is about..

smile and go for it!!