Sunday, May 27, 2012


deeply frustated! kecewa..A BIG KECEWA!!

at last, i know the truth and the answer for the big WHY that always haunted me and the reason why i can't let you go(forget you) before this,it  is because the BIG,i start to really get rid of you in my mind..i'allah i can!!..seeing you already warmly welcome into that girl life and how you treat her well..i can't go far..she's the one that you've met her parents,be a imam for her brothers..all the promises that i hold tightly before,it's gone already..tq mr.ribut..for that girl,please take care of him,i do love him till now and he's your him for me..

no wonder why yr siblings is so into her..the dreams to open restaurant together,declared the bond that we've when i am 20 is all lie..a big lie..

*tibe2 teringat waktu sweet moment with you dulu..start with go tuition together,lend you my books....have chit-chat in my house with my parents give me a teddy *i love you*..chocs bar on my birthday..jogging together..played badminton together..and so many things..tq for the love that you give me even it's not-last till akad..the attentions,advises,and your cares and your love..

#thank you mr. ribut a.k.a my mr.saser..a.k.a my nextdoor boy.
for him that used to be my A.