Monday, July 9, 2012

test car

okay esok ada test car. harap2 lulus. amin!


Tadaaaa~ assalamualaikum semua!! *im happy,adrenaline ter-boost bnyak pulak.hehe

talking about addiction today. well just go to the main core,dont want to waste any of your time lah.

different people in this worls would have different thinggie that become their addiction,their passion. so do i..and my new addiction and i think it's freak one is....I JUST GO WILD TO CLEAN UP MY SPACE and i cant stop myself from thinking where to buy and how to find a good broom,dust-trapper and high quality of vacuum. haha! i just cant get alonh with hairs,dusts and all dirts that keep playing  and dancing happily infront of my eyes! RASA MCM NAK SEPAK LAJU2 SAPE YG SEPAHKAN BRG AFTER I CLEANUP ALL STUFFS..i became pelik since i always rasa *malas* nak cuci semua but when i get started, it's hard for me to stop. like being possesed gitu..ceewahhh

# you might say, eleh nak cakap diri dia rajin lah tuuu..

well.i'm not lah that RAJIN.
still gor part yg i malas yaa ampun pak nak buat thou my mum get tired enough blaberribg at me to get done that tasks :
1. lipat kain.

walawey..lipat kain memanglah bukan my faveret part.kalau boleh elak aku akan elak sehabis baik punyalah gua cakap sama lu. penat kot lipat2 kain bagai niyh. boleh cramp seminggu urat2 pinggang aku. eeeceh,ayat nak up taraf bomb bazooka je aku niyh.

#and you will definitely start to think that i'm not lipat my kainsss at college?
well, not really lah..i just gantung2 baju kurung sume with their pair and the others baju is history. muahaha. lipat tu i lipatlah,tapi jenis lipat yg cukup syarat jelahkan..nak duduk dlm almari je pun and mum wasnt there to check my wardrobe.hehe

*nanti nak lipat baju kay umah mak mertua,i lipatlah kemas2..chewahh.
(hoping that ade mesin tolong lipat baju siap2!!)


fuh fuh fuh..part niyh mmg syok kalau sape2 yg rasa nak buat sauna for free.but for me,i would say "THANKS,BUT NO THANKS!"
haha,why? it's leceh and melecehkan so that is why i prefer to wear baju yg tak perlu digosok and most of time i pi kuliah time duduk kolej dulu,i tak gosok baju..waawaa..teruk? not really i think,it's BIJAK AND SAVE MY TIME TO SLEEP MORE.

# and again,you gonna say...

err? do i care? i still look good lah weyh thou im not ironing my baju. and it not happen all the time,cume MOST OF THE TIME JEERRR..ade beza tau.

3. jemur kain di jemuran.

im tanned enough so pehlis lah dont ask me to do stuffs yg boleh menge-tanned kan lg diri i niyh..tau lah you alls jeles dgn kekiutan i..hakshakshaks. *koya sepuluh minit!

and that's all kot yg hommie-chores yg aku tak berapa gemar and sudi nak buat.hehe

so,what im trying to say here is..when we do something that we love most..we cant find a reason to avoid it and it's so irressitible. am i right? checkidout sendirilah..

tapi when it comes to job yg we dont like it much and never like it..we hardly do it with full of perfection and always comeup with ideas to escape from it. ahah! again,im right kan?

tell you that im a pychic.haha..joking!

my advice before i say goodbye,


# always want to have cool gadjets that can helps me settle down my tasks1