Thursday, July 12, 2012


hallo there!

i just bought myself a new bracelet. it's cool because it describe me well..hehe

take a look dear ^_^

ikan = i'm pisces so ikan is my zodiac icon.

the girl = she's sweet and love beautiness,look elegant yet simple

music = music is part of me.

the lion = i used to be called as 'lion' time kecik2 dulu cause saya sangat garang..muahaha

kucing the catty = i takut kucing!

kereta biru = maybe credits to uncles taci yg bnyak bawa saya ke destinasi yg ingin dituju kot? :3

the cute exclusive car = i love this car,small but look good..classic but still have their own class..ala ala classy gitu lorh..

itu je nak share sebenarnya..

penat arini bawa cousins pusing2 area seksyen tujuh..hehe

# i'm seram sejuk already waiting for my UPU RESULT! pray for the best !