Tuesday, July 31, 2012

i speak-out LOUD

As you all know, I had a problem with my teacher,one that responsible do my license because he always postpone our classes. He's  promises-breaker. deep down, I felt stupid because I decided to use his service that greatly dissapointed me. I don't want to be rude to anybody because it's so not me. But, seriously he make me to be one of it. "how could you?" haihh..

I don't like to be push by anyone in this world and I think,so do you right?
so, it wasn't a great thing to do when I have to push again and again to someone else. BUT I HAVE TO! Don't blame me. You're great in person if you handle your work in time. I might be younger than you, but I really have to say this, YOU NEED TO CHANGE, FOR YOUR OWN SAKE,NOT FOR ME AND NOT FOR OTHER PERSON.

Are we clear now? I hope so. You may hate me for doing this, but i hate it more okay. I need to speak out LOUD to get my right,not to bring you down.

I really appriciate your cooperation.

Thank you.

( message to him : Salam abg quore,  I know my license will be tested by jpj on sept,I’m okay with that now but what make me curious to know is,when can  I  get my practices on? As you know, I’m going to reg-in on 2nd of Sept and I probably will be sort of  busy settle down my packaging and all stuffs. So, it’s almost end of Ramadhan,and our drive-on classes not even start yet. I’m really looking forward for it. Seriously, I  want to get it done as soon as possible and I don’t want to running-out of time practicing after raya. Can you get me? Are we clear? 
# honestly ,I’m quite dissapointed with your service and I’m sorry if I make you feel offended  but I’m  not a liar so I’m telling you the truth. )

jom pakat ramai-ramai cakap qlate!


apa khabar sahabat2 ku di luar sana,for the latest update..i nak ajok uolls kecek kelate..bagi lidah tergeliat-geliat sikit,buleh ke xbuleh?

hehe ^_^

# khas utk nabila semac grup