Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pay back time.

know that the debtor will not enter into heaven as long as it does not repay the debt to whom they owe.


Hello. Hi peeps. it's been awhile for me not updating my blog. Honestly,i have too many to share with and somehow forgot to write about it. I can't easily write i want when my emotions isn't  in stable mode.Harsh words might come out from my mouth.

I here to talk about those who don't know how to pay back what their owes. haiyark! When you need that money,without a seconds you stop calling and texting me ask to lend money. But when it come to pay back time,you suddenly dissapear without a clue. how could you? You ask me to give you time,and yes I give you time but what did you give me back? NOTHING!
You broke your own promises. Shame on you!

I help you,lending you my money because you're my friend and I don't want to see my friend been in trouble.It is almost a year,and i never heard your news right after you take my money.

This is one of the reason why now I quite *kedekut* if there is someone ask to lend money from me.I can give you money if you really keep your word to pay back on time. I'm not working yet,so I don't have any source of financial yet. I'm just a student like you so please understand me.

ohmai..why do you this to me?

Doing bussines? Yes, I do love it. I love doing bussines but you give me a tough time when you refused to pay me first before you get your goods, I have to use my money first and it's really burdening me. It wasnt  a small amount okay? It's a LARGE amount for me,an unemployed girl yet. I really want you people,out there to know that it's difficult to deal with one who can keep his/her promise.

It's adviseable to you people out there settle down all your debt and give your money in first place when you want to buy something. Can you?

And if you coming to your uncle or auntie house, please don't let they spent a lot of money of you. They have kids too okay. *TAK KAN LAH SAMPAIKAN TIKET BUS PUN MAKCIK AND PAKCIK NAK KENA BAYAR?SENDIRI MAU INGAT LAH WEYH..* I had to give my money to re-fund my mum money..for what? For paying the bus ticket that you forgot to pay or you *buat2* lupa. When it come to money things, everyone is same no terms of  friends or sedara2 eh,hutang WAJIB bayar.FULLSTOP!

If you refused to do so, jawab sendirilah di hari perhitungan kelak. Simple.

I'm not referring this entry to specified person,it's general but if you do felt offended,I won't say sorry because people take me easy when I always say sorry eventhough it's not my fault. You deserve it.

What are you still waiting for?  Take out your wallet and pay your debt.

# for those whoever owes me, please pay me back. *gimme my money*
we dont have any ideas till when we are still alive in this world,so pay them back selagi you have time to do so. If not,you'll regret and it changed nothing.

Balasan Allah itu pasti. ketahuilah olehmu,orang2 yang tidak melangsaikan hutangnya kepada manusia tidak akan dapat masuk ke dalam syurga Allah.

I really appriciate your cooperation.