Sunday, December 16, 2012

why why why ?????

well hello there!

currently, i'm writing this at my home. home sweet home.
 it's fun to be home but sedikit bosan pun ada juga seems i have no ideas what to do *suruh study tak mahu

so, i started to scrolling up till down my tweeter TL..stalking others people profile in FB..hoho

and i suddenly realised that, i have things that i want to have and i can't..something yang macam sesuatu yang tak pernak dan tak akan menjadi realiti i guess.

contohnya :

aku nak jadi TINGGI. like tall as a model. so i will look good in every attires that i wear. look naise.

And i seriously want to be fair *white

because people always claimed that people *women with white fair skin is beatifull..
dah aku yang gelap nih acano? look at those non-blinkings eyes when they see women that is TALL,WHITE..terus ada hati nak ngorat..terus nak bb pin lah num hp lah bagai.. kami yang gelap2 manis ni di pandang sepi je *kecik hati i nokks *

when u're short, u people macam invisible gituh..macam be neglect pon hado.

so today, i just nak lists all thing that i diden loike about myself..abt me,abt my body abt everythings lahh

1. if you asked me which parts of my body that i hate most?
firstly goes to my legs!

then my big PEHA yang ayam drumstick ni hah,i look so ugly in jeans okay. that's suck! and also in skirts because of my big butt. haishh

and i hate hairs dekat my upper lips. nampak macam i ade moustache. haishh

i'm short and i'm flabby. i felt so terrible.

sometimes i just felt unkonfiden with my body. i hate at time that i have to decide what kind of dress that would probably looks greats on me. so tiring okay. and yes i hate to dress for night event. always make me felt bad abt myself. not all baju can't suit me well.

baju dah lawa,but when i put it on. i look totally loser. macam clown okay. sebb all naise dresses selalu designed for tall people. *benci !

and it's hard for me to feel good and looks stunning if i didn't felt like one. people told you that you looking great and whatsoever tapi it's only you know whats looks good on you because sometimes they're such a big liars. they diden want you to look better than him/her or them. haishhh

whylah i can't have long clean legs with flawless white skin?

i'm not try to say that i'm not grateful of what i have now tpi this is just persoalan yang acapkali bermain di minda.


cume meluahkan je.