Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Letter for you

11th of April 2013,

It's 2nd day of Adi's father been admitted to a hospital due to unexpectedly stroke attacked. His in crtitical conditions now. Poor Adi. He cried and be so fragile now but there's nothing I can do. i can only give prayers and moral supports so that his father will get better soon. I love u  Adi and it's hurt and torturing me inside to see how sad you're now. I hope that I can be there,beside you. Give you supports, a warmly hugs to atleast cherish you a little.

O' Allah you're The Almighty. Please save Adi's father ( Uncle Moawiah). Give 'em miracle. O' Allah helps 'em I begging you . Give 'em a little more time together. If it's time to him to go, give 'em a space to atleast sayin goodbye to each other. O' Allah,make this ease for Adi's family.

Adi..I can't stand knowing you crying inside yet still looking tough outside just to look strong since many people need you and depends on you now. O' Adi..only if you know how much i love you. I wanna share your sadness together,I want to be there. strong! I know you can handle this.

Life and death is so unpredictable but never lose hope. Have faith in Allah. Insha'allah miracle is exist for you and your family.

sincerely me,

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