Friday, January 4, 2013


Assalamualaikum dan salam sayang semua.

Today i just wanna share what is happened around my radius. Friday the 4rd of 2013.
I guess it is still not too late to wish ~~


Mak aih, tua dah aku ni rupenyer. =..=' a year older, a year wiser and a step closer to death.

I got 2k test today. well, maybe ade antara uolls yg wondering what is 2k? well,as uolls know lah kan *if only uolls really take note about my previous post* i'm now one of the rowers. i get involved in ROWING. Well,it's sukan MENDAYUNG guys, never heard about it kah?
Then what uolls waiting for? GOOGLE LAH WEYH! hehe

To be honest, this sport need loads of energies! fitness is the most important. 2k test is actually a 2000m test.

#dimana we all have to tarik that ergo rowing machine sejauh 2000m below 9.30 mins and pace/ave is about 2.15 with stroke rate of 28-30.

can faham or not nih? it's okay lah if uolls tak faham. haishh~~

well, so a day before i do my 2k test, i quite down. just a bit. i rasa i can't do this 2k test below 9.30 with all that crappy requirements needed to ensure my place in sukma team.

but, berbekalkan semangat daripada kengkawan semua, alhamdullilah pagi tadi i pun turun lah stadium pi buat 2k test nih. kecut perut jemah oii..

alhamdullilah,i managed to finish it up below 9.30mins.

my time is : 9.29 mins with pace/ave : 2.22 and stroke rate/ave : 32

hohoho, sungguh sukar utk dipercayai kan? aku pun tak sangka yang aku boleh buat this 2k test. ish ish ish

betul lah when people say that :
>> never underestimated yourself because you never know what you can do in future <<

tak penat ke?

jadah hang xpenat?!! penat kot  but be real lah uolls what kind of sports yg xpenat?

without a pain, we'll never get an ohsem results kan. so be strong and stay calm to face whatever obstacles that may come next. we get no clues kan, so always set ourselves in READY MODE okay? =)

looking forward to :

1. finish up my FINALS with flying colours (tinggal math and static,both pun killer ) pray for me okay?

2. rowing intensive camp *feb 1-15 2013 >> selamat ber-HITAM ye ayuni. haish haish..

so, sesape rasa nak sponsor krim pemutih muka,di ALU-ALU KAN sesangat la ye?? hehehe

sekian jela..