Thursday, April 25, 2013

expect the unexpected!


bonjour !! and assalamualaikum rakyat jelata ku sekalian..hehe
lama sudah tidak kita bersua kan? *rindu i tak?* hehe

well well..ada apa pada tajuk di atas? kalau sokmo2 troll kat tuiter and fb if do someone shared or retwuit this words will >> PANG!!

why pang? sebab dah kata expexted the unexpected kan..sapa je sangka akan ditampor,,ye dopp?

okaylah..tanpa membuang seseken pun, let me tell you something.

I'M SO FREAKIN' EXCITED AND HONOURED  lah kan bila your pengetua college put a trust on you. He want me to make a book.
Alaaa..buku ala ala jurnal tuh yang story morie all the things happened semua.

macam mimpi kut..i never expected to be the one. i means, mcm insan terpilih gituh. *ok ayat bajet* hak hak hak

iyelah..who will ever ekspek a pengetua kolej will actually read your blog kan? since my blog arent that hot vas kedevas ala ala maria elena tu hah.. sipi sipi tu adele..hehe

all begins petang tadi lah.. a phone called from unknown number. i thought it is a call from my kampung tau since the front number just like my kampoong puya numbr but then i realised yang my tok wan dah tukar number fone rumah. so, witout any doubts i pun angkat lah that phone call .....

me : greetings.
mr x : greetings, ini ayuni ke ?

me : aah, ini ayuni. ini sape eh?
mr x : u nih blogger kan..u ada blog kan?

me ; aah,i'm a blogger. aah,ada blog kenapa eh?
mr x : well, sebenarnya saya nak invite awak ke hotel..ada aktiviti utk para blogger.

me : ouh yeke ? katne eh..
mr x ; hotel kat kl.

me : hmmmphh..thanks but saya skrg tgh study kat johor ..
mr x : ouh,its okay sebab saya pun mmg kat johor

and that moment aku rasa mcm aku dh kena pranked but yet aku still keep the conversation going on..

me : oh okay, bila eventnya?
mr x : bila u free? mcm nilah mlm nih saya nak jumpe awak.

me : jumpe malam nih ?!!! kat mana?
mr x : kat pejabat tdi.

me : huh? ni sape nih? start to changing my tone into a serious one

mr  x : ini pengetua awaklah..pengetua tdi.

me : start to laugh but still try to control it from burst it out loud.

after those conversation i hanged up the call with a feelings of,is the for real? what i'd done until the pengetua nak jumpe ? hoping and starting to pray only the best things happened.

he set the time to see me..

then .....


mana taknya..i dapat kepercayaan to write a book on this big event..i;m the one yg terpilih dalam ratusan pelajar kat tdi tuh..i'm so freakin happy. alhamdullilah.

and then, suprise suprise !! im soo gonna be a MC for the event. my feveret part ever!

rasa mcm dalam mimpi kut.. rasa like u've been a SPOTLIGHT to pop out yourself. to be true,this sem i mmg tak terlibat langsung in any aktivit kolej secara serious since im soooo super duper busy with the rowing stuffs. i missed the moments to be one of the ajk for tdi. see?

i do feel bad for that. haishh~~

but tonight..all changed!

from a person who got nothing to do on this KI events to a person who get an honoured to write a journalmof it. this is super duper madness yoo!


alhamdullilah for all of this..the trusts and all. i will do my part and i will give 100% commitment on it.

it's time to SHINE OUT people!! say HI to cool YUN cause i'm back to heat up thw world!

lets people see what you can offer to 'em. lets 'em want you! It's you the only one who gonna  make this world a better place for  everyone..hehe



love life,love for the fullest!