Thursday, August 1, 2013

T I R E D .

I'm tired of everything. Especially on YOU! 

I'm sorry if lately I didn't posted any news,updating on how hectic my life is. 
Instead of being so lazy, i am TIRED. That's it. Tired.

I did posted articles on how my hardcore journey before heading to SUKMA and now SUKMA is over. I had the result and I still have no time to sit and story about it but I promise I will. Insha'allah. 

Today I just wanna expressed myself about something that we called love. I'm tired of giving it a try. TIRED. 

 Just like I said before, I've fallen hard for adi.I have done loads of things to catch his attention but it is a BIG FAIL. I guess. 

After awhile, i re-think on what I've done. I done too many and give too many but i received NOTHING from his side. 

let's check this out :

1. It always me who start the conversation first.
2. I'm the one that called him,like always called him at first.
3. I'm the one that asking him out. 
4. I'm the one that always cravin' a picture of us which we never had one. 
5. I'm the one that told and start to explode about my feelings on him. 

and this list never end with a sentence of "it will always be me the first to..."


That's so *blergghh*..what i'm sayin' is..i'm the only one person that do everything just to get his attention and never realised that he actually giving  signals of rejection! i didn't realised it, or maybe i just cut the fact off and let my eyes keep blind to the signal..

after thousands of flashback's me who gone too far and too hard on him. IT'S ME. 

It's my fault. 

Firstly,i met him at the court tennis. I asked him to play with me..I asked his name. I searched him on twitter,facebook and more. I cracked the conversation first..I asked his number at first,not him. And it's me asking him out at first. see? It's a one-sided love.

I give it all but he give nothing because at the first met lagi he actually giving me a signal of rejection but i didn't retrieve that signal. So, it wasn't his fault to ditch me and distant himself from me. Sebab it's me yang *over*..

I tried so hard sebab I rasa tak salah mencuba . I GIVE MYSELF A TRY. and I tired now. I rasa I boleh  buat dia suka I..tapi I silap. Love comes naturally and I guess his love is not belong to me. Sad,isn't it?

I dah cuba be the best for him dengan harapan he could see me and fall for me. Malangnya it didn't happened. A week ago, aku memang rasa nak mengalah but my heart say NO. So I still after solat, I doa supaya hati dia jadi milik aku. But today..aku rasa,what I've done is enough already. It reached the limit already and I should stop hunting for his love and move on. 

Do I regret? Not a little,because I give myself a shot. 

So,here I just want to ask something that I might not able to do : 

Someone that he picked and earn his heart his love,please and please do me a favor..

- please take a good care on him for me. 
- please do love him hard and be loyal to him for me.

He is a good and nice person..he deserves better. Bytheway..thanks for being there and be my friend. THANKS ADI..

with that, this is the end. The end of my one-sided love story. NO MORE ADI,NO MORE LOVE.

Hoping that i will stop thinking about you and dream about you to be mine one day. I'm done.