Saturday, January 11, 2014

angan angan mat jenin...

Assalamualaikum people! How’s your day? Is it a productive one  or nope? Mine is just okay..
I woke up late this morning. 9 something (like usual actually) hurmmm..
It’s been awhile I didn’t blog. It is not because I have no time to blog but I been struggled head to toe managing my reality life out there.

The final weeks aren’t over yet. I still get myself a paper to be done. Haihh (big sigh) the gap is away too long till I just “lagho”..
But that is not my topic today.. Or in the other words it is not the reason why I blog today.
When I woke up this morning, doing my routine... go to the toilet and all... I was been thinking about my future.  About  what I wanna do. Did I tell you people that I just love to clean up room? Well well... since I’ve been studied here. I spent not much time at my house. I used to clean my room till the room is dust-free and hair-free and also free from others stuffs. Just mine (my room my stuffs rules) but now.. Felt like the room is a hotel room.. no longer mine. Ummi put loads of their stuffs in the room. Full of dusts and hairs..  uhh, I just can’t see that. Totally makes me sick!
Re-style, re-decorating.
The words that always had been there in my mind. Jealous much detected once I stalked the other people room. Neat and tidy. Elegant and awesome. I want one !

What I really want to do right now is, I want to get rid all of my old stuffs especially on my clothes donating to the needy or just simply open a table in front of the house and sell it to the people. Many of my clothes I no longer wear it. Why? I grown up people, my body can’t fit all those wear anymore.
Sayang? Of course I do felt “sayang” to give away my stuffs. I create memories with ‘em. Each of ‘em had stories. But rather than I keep it rotten in my wardrobe it is better for me to do something good with it. Am I right?
I had a dream. A dream to turn my room into my very own world. Hihi
I wanna change the curtains. Instead of using curtains I wanna try scarfs as my windos  cover . can you people have the idea how? Hurmm.. i will draw the idea for you but DO NOT LAUGH okay! I’m not an artist so the drawing might be suck, hahahaha :3

I wanna  re-paint the wall. And attach pictures on it as the decorations. Pictures of my lovely people. People that I loves.
Load of works to be done and I really need to put my ass in pain working  on it. Lalalalala... who’s in? Let me know, we can do this together. Hohoho (with no payment opkos) lalalalala..
Then.. We go to the house next. In my house, I’ve hundred of books. In all genres since papa just love to buy books. That’s why I love to read books and make myself as the tokoh nilam during the high school.  Lol !
I was a debater back then, so it is a must for me to read. To increase my knowledge to improvise my grammar.  Upgrading my vocabularies. Sound very nerd right? Being nerd is not harm. Haha
But students nowadays are too shame to be claimed themselves a nerd person. Nerd in study is okay people but don’t be nerd in life. You’ll be a puppet of irresponsible people. You fail to defence yourself. Till suicide is the only option you think you have which is NOT TRUE!
Hehh.. bodoh amat seh sapa yang gantung diri itu.
Back to track !!
Ummi and papa just love to collect books of me and my siblings . our homework books when i was in elementary school to high school and now. Heh.. (makan space kot) and none of us will use that books ever again. So why don’t we just send it away to recycle bin.
If you guys know me in the reality world. You’ll definitely know I much I love to shop and collect all those cute stuffs.. Same goes to my parents. I think it is my blood. Lalalalala ...  so please don’t be mad at me. Hihi (doing my puppy eyes)
In order to make my dream comes true. I will need lot of hands to help. Would you people help me??
Me is hungry now so me is shutting down my lappy now. Hoohoo.
I don’t think that my stories and connected to each others. Arghhh,maapkan saya! I had an issues of jumbling ideas here. You olang apa tahu? Kekekeke..kbai!
Thanks all from me. Xoxo!

YUN, 2014-01-12.

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