Thursday, February 13, 2014

V day

Thanks for everything you gave me.

You have no ideas how I love to see you stare at me. The way you glance and looking deep thru my eyes.
Your eyes your charms will never fail to make me smile inside. How I love to see all that. If I own a gopro camera I would probably captured every single motion of you. Of us. Because it's precious.

Having you beside makes me feel secured. Thanks for the love you give me.
To be loved and be loved is awesome.

Blind is love. Love is blind as said from unknown old folks.
But for me..
Love is acceptance. Acceptance of how you tolerate with her and in tune with her ways. To know every single lackness she had. The strength she got and how sick annoying manja gedik and drama queen she can be but the end of the day,
You are still there. Waiting for her with a smile that full with warmth of love.

If I have a power to change my past. I will never change it even an inch. A little twist peach of my life scenes absolutely will give an impact to my future. Perhaps I will never meet you now. Or even worse I probably not here laying down on my bed with burned skintone typing this not so  short cheesy essay and be what I am now.

I sang  and I meant it.

If the jodoh are not with us. Never put a blame on you.
The moment we had created were beyond  awesome.

We can be a good planner but  upthere can be  way better incredible planner for us.

Yes to fall in love is easy but to stay in it is everything. When I do love, I do it by all of my heart.

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