Thursday, August 21, 2014

First time!!

Pertama kali drive masuk HIGHWAY!!!

Ohmaigad. First time pecut smpai 140-150.

This is madness. Dedor tak hilang lagi. Haishh


Arini dalam sejarah.

Sakit pinggang
Tekak kering sebab takut sangat

Yes i know i know some of you dah sampai 180-200 dah hah tekan.

Wa nih bdk baru belajar. Baru nak hilang dedor tak habis lagi. Kasi can aaa sikek


Salam perantau,stop tukar shift dgn uyik d pagoh.

Monday, August 18, 2014


I dont know why but recently  i found out that chubbier men are cuter.

My AA is chubby so i love you moree. Hiks hiks

Lean body are perfect but some fats make it better yaw! Mmmuah

Thursday, August 14, 2014



He will never let us astray.


Be strong,be brave. Bold as always!

Shed your tears,chin up. Cheer up

You're not alone. I am here,just next to you. I have your back

You're my hero after my papa. Act like one.

We have plans. A mission to conquer. Make it happen! No matter what comes to pin you down.

You have my pray.
Insha'allah you will pass all of this difficulties perfectly.

I love you unconditionally.