Wednesday, October 29, 2014

terobek champs moment

Friday, October 10, 2014

to do after midsem holiday

its been awhile i ignores myskincare routines.

so.. my aim my goal after vbr is to:

keep healthy. puasa if needed. i will put myself into a challenge. i called it as EAT CLEAN challenge!

lessen oil
lessen fats

im trying to get my 50kg weight again. and below if i could.

i hate jogging but i will force myself to jog atleast 15mins a day.

5.30-6.30pm time to burnout fats!!!

for skin:

i will try slowly one by one the natural meds.

acne free
blemishes free
whitehead blackhead free!

and earn some greens!!

and opkos focussing my study. :)

(lepas vbr)

yeah,ayuni jgn lupa amik yr shoes yr sony baby hp.