Thursday, June 19, 2014


Hello people.
I'll talkin abt this comparing stuffs which i do it almost all time i guess. Huhu. It's a random ideas,i was in the shower,having my late bath. Then,suddenly my mind were creating a situation where theres a girl are hitting on me because she is jealous of me. Haha,so poyo lah sampai i can imagined that way. Hehe..
Okay, the point is. Why did we compared? Why people nowadays always comparing themselves. For real lah... All the garments, branded outfits. Why do you wear them? You nak impress sapa? I totally dont get it. For me,as long as the outfits are nice the quality is good,the price is reasonable,i'll take it... Go die the brands. No one will akceli go bumped into you and say this "are those are chanel? Are you wearing dolce gabbana for real?

No one dude till you met a pshycotic person. Haha.

Im not working in fashion industries . I dont know how a cashmere shud be like. What is the different with 100% cotton or spandex. Blerghh. Like,who wud even care abt that. As long as it fit me,i'll fine.

Its not only abt the garments. It doesnt stop there.

People were comparing almost evrithing. Skin conditions,the body,the skintone,the wealths,the cuisines and all.

Examples, when you see a girl with a flawless skin. U wud say. Ohmai,what a beautiful skin she had. And i wished to be just like her. Funny,but i do the exactly same thing. Watching models walking thru the runways. Fuhh, make me wished that i cud have the height.

By comparing,we will only seeking and looking a good sides about the others and listings out our lackness. And this shudnt be happening. To you,or me. Im tellin this not only for you outhere,but as a reminder for myself.

We shud be proud of what we have. What we own. Why? Because, we dont even know theres someone outhere want so bad to be you my dear. So stop now. Stop comparing.

Lets gives us,our body some of compliments. All the egdes the curves even the scars and all the inperfection were perfect and there must be a good reason for it.

Sampai bila nak meratapi nasib diri. Yes,people will never stop talkin. They do talks abt it again n again,days by days. But,why worried? Youve nothing to lose thou.

As long as you happy. The type of people in the circle that u kept is the most important. Go out and have fun.

Different people wud have diff tastes. Kalau semua pun suka benda yang sama,wheres the fun sides? Betul tak. These differences coloured our world. All those cultures. Thats it. Kalau tak all cuisine will taste alike. So tak heran lah kalau u p dine in kat london or paris or indon. Sebb all the gourmets will taste just the same. See? Do u get my point?

Disebabkan kelainan tuh, we been traveled so many countries sebab nk rasa dia puya cuisines. Lain negara,lain citarasa. Kan?

Forget all the branded tag,just a piece of paper bytheway. Comfortabilty is the most to be count. Apa guna pakai gucci if it make your feets swollen. Apa guna pakai H&M kalau it makes you sweats like hell. Hiu hiuu.

Sudahlah comparing. U have no ideas what they have to deal with evriday. They may looks happy on paper(mags)and pictures.  But deep inside?

Clear now? Ok,lets sleep.